Emma Chamberlain hilariously interviews Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld on Met Gala red carpet

‘Also, everyone is very well deodorised,’ Seinfeld tells Chamberlain

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Tuesday 07 May 2024 19:19 BST
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Emma Chamberlain’s Met Gala red carpet reporting for Vogue was its own source of entertainment apart from the spectacle on the steps.

For the 2024 affair, the influencer was asked to be the fashion outlet’s “special correspondent” for the fourth time, pulling her peers and idols for a quick chat before they were bombarded by photographers.

Two years ago, the Chamberlain coffee creator marked a significant moment in pop culture when she burst out laughing after Jack Harlow cheekily bid her adieu by saying, “Love ya,” before heading inside the 2022 “In American: An Anthology of Fashion” celebration.

This year, between gushes of adoration for Sydney Sweeney, Gigi Hadid, Keke Palmer, and Sarah Jessica Parker, Chamberlain welcomed two unexpected personalities to her corner of the carpet: Jimmy Fallon and Jerry Seinfeld. Their conversation may have only lasted two minutes and 44 seconds, but fans cried over their hilarious dynamic.

The 22-year-old first asked the two comics if they were “into fashion”. Seinfeld had a very ambiguous answer: “Fashion is what you’re wearing, you realise? Even if it doesn’t look good. Everyone’s dressed perfectly for who they are.”

The former sitcom actor then admitted he was looking forward to seeing “all the crazy people,” comparing the gala to a “Star Wars bar”.

“Also, everyone is very well deodorised,” Seinfeld admitted. “You will smell nothing but nice smells from everyone.”

Chamberlain quickly tagged on: “Noooo. Only good smell.”

After letting Chamberlain and Seinfeld take the lead on talking, Fallon asked if he was smiling too much, prompting the explanation behind a shared theory he and Seinfeld have discussed.

“Jimmy and I have this thing. When two celebrities take a picture together, the bigger smile is the smaller star,” Seinfeld said. “Because if you are more excited than the other person, that means you’re the smaller celebrity.”

The three laughed as Chamberlain admitted there might be some validity in that thought.

Seinfeld and Fallon agreed that the only person they were nervous to meet and interact with was Paul McCartney.

Chamberlain moved on to ask if the two of them had hung out. Fallon replied: “Oh, yeah.”

He then reminisced on Seinfeld’s repeated action of always leaving him after cracking an amusing joke. Fallon’s example he gave was the time the pair parted ways after dinner and Seinfeld waited the whole night to comment on his outfit: a shirt and checkered pants.

Seinfeld told Fallon that he looked like a “Nordstrom mannequin,” which was the funniest thing anyone had ever said to him.

“You’re the best bud. Always good to see you,” Fallon told Chamberlain before he and Seinfeld walked off.

Online, viewers cracked up over the nonsensical, yet sensical conversation between the three.

“Iconic I love Jimmy Fallons humour,” one fan confessed, while another noted: “This is giving me dads being interviewed vibes.”

“The funny men talking fashion,” a third remarked.

Others picked up on Sydney Sweeney laughing at them in the back of the video and though it was so sweet when Fallon called Chamberlain “bud”.

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