(Ian West/PA)
(Ian West/PA)

As the new series of Sex Education drops, the 10 emotional stages of binging a new box set

Otis, Eric and Maeve are all back in the new season of the hit show.

Prudence Wade
Friday 17 September 2021 07:45

After a long wait, the new series of Sex Education is finally here.

Season three couldn’t have come at a better time, as summer feels pretty much over and we’re ready to snuggle up with a well-loved show.

Now is the time to decide how you’re going to attack the series on Netflix: will you watch all the episodes in one go or space them out over a few days?

If you’re settling down to binge watch Sex Education, you might experience some of these familiar stages…

1. Excitement

Maybe you’ve been waiting months for Sex Education, or there’s a brand new show that ticks all of your boxes, but nothing quite beats the feeling of glee when all the episodes finally drop at once.

2. Preparation

It’s time to clear your schedule: if you’re anything like us, you know you’re going to be watching all 12 hours of this show over the next two days. Sure, a little voice in the back of your head is telling you it would be better to space it out, but you’ll ignore that completely.

Before you finally settle in to the show, you’ll need to get fully ready with all of your favourite snacks and plenty of uninterrupted free time.

3. Pure joy

Nothing beats the first few episodes of a new series. The show is even better than you thought it would be, and you slowly start making your way through it.

4. Irritation

Every so often, something will get in the way of your marathon session: inconvenient things like having to go to work. Unfortunately, you have to deal with these nuisances before you can dive back in.

5. Bargaining

You know you probably should go to bed, but one more episode can’t hurt – right?

6. Brain fog

You groggily look up at the clock: you’ve been watching this for how many hours now? It’s easy to lose track of time when each episode seamlessly rolls into the next, but at this point it can also feel like you’ve forgotten how to work your brain.

7. Full on obsession

You’ve been watching this show so solidly, you feel like you’re part of its universe. Maybe you start speaking in an accent, or reeling off your favourite character’s catchphrase: at this point you don’t realise how deep you’ve got, but anyone you live with will start to feel a bit concerned.

8. Fear

You’ve had a look at how many episodes you have left, and there are far fewer than you thought. This is the point you start berating yourself for not spacing it out better. You promise to be more responsible with the final episodes… But this resolve doesn’t last long, as you settle down to watch them all in one go.

9. Sadness

How could it be over so soon? Surely you haven’t watched that many hours of TV since it came out? Unfortunately, the time has finally come, and the show is over. What will you do now?

10. Relief

Just because the show is over, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy it. This is when you dive into internet fandoms, take personality quizzes to find out which character you’re most like, and research different conspiracy theories.

You won’t feel sad or adrift for too long: after all, by now another binge-worthy series has probably dropped.