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Bridgerton summer: Everything you need to dress like a deb

Bridgerton season three is now available to stream on Netflix

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Wednesday 22 May 2024 21:20 BST
Everything you need to dress like a Bridgerton woman
Everything you need to dress like a Bridgerton woman (Netflix)

Decorated in feather pins and dainty fans, Julia Quinn and Chris Van Dusen’s Bridgerton is the drama-filled return to the Regency era we needed. Pioneer silhouettes and awe-inspiring accessories are reintroduced as the “diamond of the season” and her fellow debutantes are dipped in jewels and coated in wispy lace on their hunt for proper suitors.

Inside this opulent era in fashion, anything and everything dainty is preferred. Women mirror an unspoken feminine desire, consistently donning ethereal garb for garden strolls and grand hall banquets. And even when a string of scandals rattles conservative morals and questions a woman’s innocence, they’ll still flaunt their flowy gowns and elbow-length opera gloves (covering their guilty hands).

Everything from the fabrics to the shape of the clothing builds upon the romantic style of the Regency era with spews of floral patterns and modest framing for the divine taste. Little room is left for rebels to find their edge with denim and leather being unacceptable materials in a woman’s wardrobe. That said, at least in Quinn and Van Dusen’s versions, women seemed to revel in the gentle attire. And even now, a lot still do, tapping into their soft side especially amid the spring and summer seasons.

The 21st century coquette preference wasn’t a direct response to the release of Bridgerton season one in 2020, but some would argue the style fad was born in the Regency era – a period of bows and berets galore. Like this trending love for tying ribbon in hair and on bags, the fashion that shaped this time is similar to the clothing and embellishments adored today.

With the release of Bridgerton season three on Netflix coinciding with temperature spikes, an infatuation with decadent and delicate styles begins.

Here is everything you need to dress like a “deb” this summer.

Floral Gowns

In almost every scene of Bridgerton, the women are covered in long-form gowns, most likely stitched with vibrant capitulum or stems of daisies. Of course, for major balls and gatherings, dresses are padded with multi-layered skirts, but a daytime activity doesn’t require anything more than a square-neckline, a straight skirt, and short balloon sleeves.

For anyone enticed by the natural elegance of the simple dress, you can usually find a similar one at the local thrift store (circa the ‘90s) or a retro chiffon night gown from the ‘50s. Otherwise, brands like Love Shack Fancy, Frankie’s Bikinis, and Danielle Guizio offer an array of exemplar options.

Women in Bridgerton wear long gowns with short balloon sleeves and long gloves
Women in Bridgerton wear long gowns with short balloon sleeves and long gloves (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Beaded berets and bows

Pinning your hair back may appear to be simple(ton), but women in the Regency era added playful touches with beaded berets, strings of pearls, feather clips, and bows.

Spice up your ponytail with ribbon and flower stems or jazz up the plain claw clip with a sparkly one. Secure a feather in the back of a half-up half-down do, giving the look even more volume. You can make your own hair accessories with some hot glue and a bag of goodies from the craft store, or you can go outside, pluck the pretty flowers and pin them into a messy updo.

Diamond choker necklaces

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Marilyn Monroe might’ve said it in 1953, but the fact rang true in the early 19th century. When you look at the women in Bridgerton, their gowns may drape below their collarbones just above their lower chest, but their neck is hardly ever left bare. Jewels, specifically short, diamond choker necklaces are fastened around their neck, adding a lavish appeal to the ensemble.

The diamonds don’t have to be real, so long as they shimmer. However, if you’re wanting to resemble a lady in the Regency era, you must add some glitz with a choker necklace. If they’re not diamonds (or faux ones), a pearl choker (can also be fake) or an arrangement of multi-color beads will do just fine. These can easily be found for under $20 on Etsy or Amazon.

Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Eloise (Claudia Jessie) strolling through the garden in wispy dresses
Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan) and Eloise (Claudia Jessie) strolling through the garden in wispy dresses (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)

Kitten heels or flats

The obsession with flats has come to fruition once again, putting the Alaia studded-mesh, the emblem Tory Burch scrunch, the Miu Miu patent leather, and the Sam Edelman metallic buckle ones on the list for most-desired shoes right now. While the demand for a solid flat has only just begun to increase once again, these soft round-toe options were always a go-to for the Bridgerton women. So basically, it’s time to hop on the bandwagon.

If they weren’t standing firm on the ground in petite flats, they were wearing kitten heels. Suffice to say, short heels took predecent over the stiletto. Between Charles & Keith’s tweed square-toe Mary Jane heels and H&M’s pointed-toe slingbacks, there are plenty of options online and in-stores.

The cast of Bridgerton dressed in Regency era-inspired costumes in season three
The cast of Bridgerton dressed in Regency era-inspired costumes in season three (LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX)


Ladies must never touch anything with bare hands, according to the Bridgerton lookbook. Lace, satin, and sheer gloves are placed over women’s hands, keeping them from getting dirty in innapropriate affairs. Some opt for the wrist-length pair with peplum trims, while others prefer an Opera-length set, hiding the better half of their arms.

Whether you’re planning to picnic in the park or going on a nice dinner date, a pair of light gloves will add dimension to the outfit. You can pick up a pair from Amazon or search for the perfect set on Cornelia James, Anthropologie, or Revolve.

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