Composite of Farrah Fawcett (L) and Ciara (R)
Composite of Farrah Fawcett (L) and Ciara (R)

Ciara’s Farrah Fawcett hair and 7 other ways to channel the 70s vibe

It’s not just Seventies fashion we’re currently obsessed with: it’s beauty, too.

Prudence Wade
Wednesday 21 April 2021 11:21

Style chameleon Ciara has given us her latest hair transformation: voluminous, bouncy Farrah Fawcett-inspired waves.

The Charlie’s Angels star’s hair was all about volume and movement in the 1970s, making her as much of a style icon as she was a Hollywood celebrity.

Ciara isn’t the only person bringing back Fawcett’s trademark feathered layers – TikTok has fallen in love with big Seventies hair – and users have been posting their own takes on the trend (just take a look here and here).

In fact, all things 1970s are seeing a huge resurgence. Gucci has us back in love with retro fashion, and there are plenty of ways you can channel the vibe in your hair and make-up…

1. Centre partings

Gen Z must really be inspired by the Seventies, because influencers have proclaimed side partings ‘over’. A centre parting is now the way to go – something championed by 1970s icons like Lauren Hutton and Peggy Lipton, and is currently seen on everyone from Laura Harrier to Dua Lipa.

2. Curtain bangs

Curtain bangs were all the rage in the Sixties thanks to stars like Brigitte Bardot, and the trend continued well into the Seventies – but with a shaggier, more relaxed approach. If you didn’t want the pristine, overly styled fringe of the 1960s, the Seventies version is more low-key and less maintenance.

3. Blue eyeshadow

This isn’t a natural, no make-up make-up kind of look: instead, it’s all about bright blue eyeshadow dusted over your lids. Pair with plenty of thick mascara on your lashes, a la Twiggy.

4. Pastel tones

If vibrant blue eyes is a bit too bold for you, instead pick pastel eyeshadow for a softer look. Think pale pinks, sorbet lemons and lavender hues.

5. Clear lip gloss

Eye looks might have been bold in the 1970s, but lips were all about subtle nudes and high shine – meaning it’s time to layer on the lip gloss. This is the kind of look to wear to outdoor picnics or pub gardens – you don’t want it getting stuck underneath a mask.

6. Cher hair

Maybe it’s because we’ve spent so much time away from our hairdressers, but many of us have rediscovered the joys of uber long hair. If you’re loving your newfound inches, make sure your locks are poker straight to pay tribute to Cher’s iconic look.

7. Plenty of bronzer

The Seventies was all about looking sunkissed and glowy: and after the long winter months, being liberal with glittery bronzer is your ticket to a glowing look.