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The 10 best Calendars

Whether you like poetry, pop stars or polar bears, with this selection you can make 2012 the year you get organised

Samuel Muston
Thursday 22 December 2011 01:00 GMT

1. Terry Pratchett Discworld

If you are a fan of Terry Pratchett (and with 55 million books sold, a good few of us obviously are), you'll love this collection of paintings of his fantastical land, Discworld, by illustrator Paul Kidby.


2. Simon's Cat

You've seen the ever-so-crafty Simon's cat at work trying to get his owner to feed him more dinner on YouTube (his videos have 25 million hits), now you can enjoy the whimsical world of illustrator Simon Tofield and his mog on your kitchen wall with this month-a-page calendar.


3. Origami

Fancy making a sumo wrestler out of your dad's birthday? Or knocking together a turtle out of last Tuesday? Well you can with this page-a-day tear-off calendar that has origami folding instructions on each of its leaves.


4. Mum's Family

Where's little Billy? Is it dad's turn to pick up the children? And when exactly does granny go on holiday? You'll know what the whole family is up to and where they are off to with this page-a-month family planner.


5. Cliff Richard

He may not have set hearts a-racing since Harold Macmillan was at No 10 but the original Prince of Pop remains near the top of at least one chart: calendars. His 2012 offering – featuring Cliff with a dolphin, Cliff on a jet ski and Cliff flirtatiously doing jazz hands – is currently in third position in the Amazon sales chart.


6. Doctor Who

The Doctor's back and he's brought his pals – featuring the stars of the last series such as River Song, Amy Pond, Rory, the Ood and the Silence. A great way to get your little one or resident sci-fi fan to be a little more organised this coming year.


7. Frozen Planet

If the odd dodgy polar bear doesn't put you off, check out the BBC series' spin-off calendar, which has beautiful images of wintry tundra and, of course, more penguins than you can shake an ice pick at.


8. The Naked Muse

Naked calendars are often dismal affairs. This one, however, is a little different. Fourteen published male poets are pictured in the nude, while 14 female poets have submitted poems which accompany the artfully posed chaps. More importantly, though, is that all the proceeds from its sale goes towards research into juvenile diabetes.


9. The Unravelling Knitted

This is quite possibly the coolest (and probably the most expensive) calendar around. Instead of paper leaves you get a long scarf-like creation, made by designer Patrick Frey, which you unravel a little more with each day. Not the most practical thing in the world , but fun all the same.


10. Bunny Suicides

From bestselling author, cartoonist and scriptwriter Andy Riley comes the latest in the comic bunny suicide franchise. Watch as cutesy bunny rabbit finds ever more ingenious ways to attempt to shuffle off his mortal coil. Dark humour at its most cuddly.


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