The Online Fashion 100

"These are the people who are making a difference in the online fashion world."

Leon Bailey-Green
Saturday 22 October 2011 23:17

You're about to meet some of the most inspirational, interesting and influential people behind the UK's online fashion industry.

From entrepreneurs to bloggers, to marketers and even photographers, these are the people who are making a difference in the online fashion world. Some of them are yet to make their splash but with big names behind them all eyes will be following closely.

Of course, a list of 100 only goes some way to doing justice to the thousands of individuals that, directly and indirectly, keep the sector moving forward but hey, it's a start!

Despite the name, Online Fashion 100 comprises of more than one-hundred people. Duo appearances occur as many in the industry have risen to prominence, or achieved notability, in pairs. Online Fashion 100 has been compiled in random order with well known names from online retail such as Nick Robertson, Simon Wolfson and Natalie Massenet, mixed with editors including Vogue's Dolly Jones, Lauretta Roberts from Drapers and blogger Susanna Lau.

TV stars making the list include money saving expert Martin Lewis, The Apprentice winner Michelle Dewberry and Caryn Franklin of The Clothes Show.

You can download the full eBook version of 'Online Fashion 100' for free at

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