Gwyneth Paltrow's stylist explains why she walked across the Emmys stage so slowly

Actor's walk hailed as 'best performance of the night'

Sarah Young@sarah_j_young
Tuesday 24 September 2019 11:09
Gwyneth Paltrow shuffles across Emmys stage

From her claims about the benefits of vaginal steaming to the time she vowed to "re-brand" the menopause, Gwyneth Paltrow is used to being talked about online.

But this time, it’s not the actor’s controversial health advice that’s got the internet buzzing but her slow and slightly stilted walk onto the Emmys stage.

On Sunday night, the 46-year-old star presented the award for outstanding lead actress in a drama series to Jodie Comer.

But when Paltrow walked out on stage all eyes suddenly shifted from her glamorous Valentino gown to her gait.

Holding the skirt of the gown in one hand, Paltrow approached the microphone at a slower-than-usual pace, prompting a series of social media memes.

One Twitter user called Paltrow’s walk the “best performance of the night,” while other users related the pace to “going from my bed to my fridge wrapped up in the comforter.”

Now the Iron Man star’s stylist has revealed what really happened, explaining that her choice of gown for the evening was to blame for Paltrow’s sluggish pace.

When asked about Paltrow’s unusual walk, Elizabeth Saltzman told The Hollywood Reporter: “That’s because in 1963 there were no back slits!”

Saltzman went on to explain that while stylists will typically ensure their clients’ clothing fits properly, making alterations where necessary, she decided to leave the vintage gown as-is in order to honour the “authentic”. appearance of the design.

“In order to keep the dress authentic, I didn’t want to change Mr Valentino’s design,” Saltzman explained, adding that part of Paltrow’s decision to wear the archival gown was to pay tribute to her close friend, the legendary designer Valentino Garavani.

“It was a fun way to put our nod towards wearing your clothes more than once, to honour a very dear friend, and to look like a billion dollar babe,” Saltzman said.

It’s not just her sartorial choices that Paltrow receives help with. Last month, Paltrow revealed she has previously hired a “personal book curator”.

Back in 2001, the actor redesigned her Los Angeles home with the help of her long-time friend, Thatcher Wine, a book collector and the founder of Juniper Books.

Wine recently told Town and Country that helped Paltrow curate a collection of five or six hundred books to complete the shelves in her new home.

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