Courtney Black’s expert guide to wearing make-up while you work out

The fitness trainer shares her pro tips for a sweat-proof make-up look. By Katie Wright.

Katie Wright
Tuesday 04 May 2021 08:30 BST
Courtney Black doing a home workout
Courtney Black doing a home workout

When it comes exercising and make-up, no one knows better than Courtney Black what looks good – and stays put – when you’re working up a sweat.

The fitness trainer – who shot to fame during the pandemic when she started doing workouts live on Instagram leaping from 267k followers to more than 839k – records intense HIIT and weights sessions every day for her Courtney Black app, yet never suffers so much as mascara smudge.

“I like wearing a bit of make-up when I’m training because it makes me feel good,” the bubbly 24-year-old says, but recommends keeping it “really minimal so you’re looking fresh but you’re also feeling really confident”.

Not that it’s necessary to pile on the make-up for a workout, of course – but if you’re heading to the gym straight from the office, for example, and want to make sure you don’t end up with foundation dripping all over your Lululemon gear, it’s best to opt for certain long-lasting products and steer clear of others.

Here are Courtney Black’s top tips for creating a sweat-proof make-up look…

BB cream is best

“When you’re training, it’s always good to get an anti-redness, oil-free BB cream or tinted moisturiser,” Black says. “Because then not only when you’re sweating, you’re not going to get red, you’re also not going to get those oils clogging your pores. And it’s not going to slip off, because if you use oil-based products they’re more likely to move around your face.”

Black follows up her BB cream with “a little bit of concealer” just in the areas where it’s needed.

Only put mascara on your top lashes

The secret to the trainer’s smudge-proof eyes? “Never put mascara on your bottom lashes. Because you’re sweating, so it’s going to go down your face.”

Glow don’t sweat

“I love the Iconic London Illuminator drops,” Black says. The bestselling liquid highlighting drops have a subtle champagne tint that emphasises your cheekbones.

“Put a little bit on and then when you’re sweating, you don’t look as sweaty because you’re glowing!”

Skincare saviours

For achieving a flawless complexion, skincare is as important as make-up, Black says. “I suffered with acne for years and years, and I think a lot of people suffer with it, especially when they start training and putting make-up on.

“The key for me, first of all, is make sure you are washing your face as soon you finish training, making sure that you’re getting every little bit of make-up and sweat off your face. And also washing your hands, because you’re touching the floor then you’re touching your face.”

Top performers: Courtney Black’s 5 make-up must-haves

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50

Rosalique 3 in 1 Anti-Redness Miracle Formula SPF50, £29.99, Amazon

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free SPF20, £35, Boots

Dior Forever Skin Correct

Dior Forever Skin Correct, £27

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Volume Control Mascara

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Volume Control Mascara, £27.50

Iconic London Illuminator Champagne Shimmer

Iconic London Illuminator Champagne Shimmer, £30

The Pocket PT by Courtney Black, photography by David Cummings, is published by Harper Thorsons, priced at £14.99. Available now.

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