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Julia Fox says she wants to wear outfits that women ‘appreciate’ and men ‘would despise’

‘The more [men] hated me, the more fun it was,’ she says

Amber Raiken
New York
Thursday 28 September 2023 19:35 BST
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Julia Fox has opened up about her sense of style, with the model explaining she likes to wear outfits that spark differing opinions among men and women.

Fox, 33, spoke candidly about her appearance during an interview with The New Yorker published on 27 September. She went on to discuss her weight loss, which she previously described as “unintentional”, after she was asked how she felt about the reactions to her “losing the curves that [she] was known for”.

In response, she noted that as her body and style have changed, she’s been focused on creating a specific “look” that will be met by men and women differently.

“The losing of the weight, the eyebrows, the clothes, all the things I did - I think I was going for grotesque,” she said. “I wanted to look a certain way where the girls would appreciate it and the men would despise it.”

The Uncut Gems star went on to reflect on when she first lost weight, which she said occurred at a point where she “was really stressed out”, “wasn’t eating properly,” and after a close friend had passed away.

“I would eat maybe one time a day and it would be a sheet cake, and I was on my feet from 7am till whatever, I was just burning everything off and losing weight so rapidly,” she continued.

She then recalled some of the criticism she received from men after the weight loss. However, according to Fox, she was not necessarily offended by the remarks.

“And men started reacting like: ‘Wait, what happened to her? She used to be so hot.’ And I leaned into it. I was, like, Oh, great, they hate me - and I love it. The more they hated me, the more fun it was to keep doing it,” she added.

The model continued to mock men for how they responded to the change in her physical appearance, continuing: “It was amazing to see how they reacted when I just wasn’t giving them their visual stimulus, or whatever. I mean, they lashed out. They, like, took it personally.”

She then added that she was “actually gaining weight” now, even though it’s involuntary. Fox clarified that it “just happens” at some points, before explaining: “Anytime I try to go on a diet, or lose weight, or gain weight, I’ve never been able to.”

However, when asked if she’s worried that “those men will start it all up over again” if she got her “curves back”, Fox acknowledged that she “would hate” if that happened.

“I really, truly hope that doesn’t happen,” she explained. “But, also, I have no self-control. I keep three bottles of whipped cream in the fridge at a time.”

Over the years, Fox has continued to make headlines for her outfit choices. Earlier this month, she sparked controversy with her look at New York Fashion Week, which consisted of a chain bra with metal pasties and chain bottoms, which she wore underneath a black trench coat. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on 7 September, she hit back at some of the criticism, with the actor questioning why people took issue with the outfit in the first place.

“I got in trouble for that one,” she said. “There were a lot of haters, being like: ‘This is unacceptable. This is setting such a bad example.’ But, it’s like: ‘Why?’ It’s just my body.’”

She also made jokes about why online trolls could be criticising her body. “Is my body, like, ugly? Is my body a crime?” she quipped. “Did my body slap your grandma? The way that they were acting, it was like, what the heck!”

Fox proceeded to open up about her own style, explaining why she wears such memorable outfits to high-profile events.

“If people could see what I dress like in my day to day, it’s literally like boxers, stained, dirty T-shirts, Adidas slides. It’s not this,” she said. “That’s kind of why when I do get dressed up, I want to go all out because my real life is so unglamorous.”

In May 2022, she also went viral when she was seen wearing a black and white bra-and-underwear set at a supermarket. While she didn’t wear a top over the bra, she did have an oversized denim jacket on, and a pair of calf-length denim boots.

Amid the confusion over why she wore the outfit, Fox took to Instagram to provide clarification. Sharing a meme of herself on her Story, which read: “When it’s laundry day but you have errands to run,” Fox explained: “I just think that if it’s socially acceptable at the beach it should be the same everywhere lol.”

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