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Microblading warning after semi-permanent tattoo caused woman's eyebrows to swell and scab

David Maclean
in New York
Wednesday 18 October 2017 13:38 BST

When this woman went to have her eyebrows microbladed, she didn’t expect to be left with huge crusty, red sores above her eyes.

But the shocking blistering eyebrow reaction is one of the side effects of the cosmetic treatment that many people aren’t aware of.

Microblading is a go-to treatment for many people who are concerned about thinning eyebrows, and sees a cosmetic tattoo substance applied to mimic the look of additional eyebrown hairs.

The unnamed woman had a terrible reaction to a microblading treatment

It’s semi-permanent, but many people are unaware that the seemingly straightforward procedure can have unwelcome consequences.

On a recent episode of US TV show The Doctors, three medical professionals explored the dangers of getting the procedure carried out.

Some members of the audience winced as images of the unnamed woman’s blistering eyebrows were shown.

Members of the audience looked shocked as the images appeared

The host said: "This woman claims a microblading procedure did this to her brows and she wants to warn others before they have it done - I don't blame her.

"That doesn't look good, it looks painful."

Dermatologist Sonia Batra said it may have been caused by an allergic reaction or an infection

Dermatologist Sonia Batra said it was likely that the woman suffered the blistering due to an allergic reaction to the ink used on her.

Alternatively, the nicks made in her skin may also have become infected, the dermatologist concluded.

The case appeared on US TV show The Doctors

"I think she had two problems.

"One is that when you create nicks in the skin it's a great gateway for bacteria... she could have got an infection from this.

"I think she, by very bad luck, is also allergic to the dye that was used.

"Obviously this not what anyone goes in wanting to get done."

She urged people to think carefully before getting microblading, and to do their homework if they do decide to go ahead with it.

She said a trained professional should always be used, and treatment rooms should be checked to make sure they’re in a sanitary condition.

These people are most likely to have a reaction to the products used in the eyebrow procedure.

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