Missguided launches unretouched campaign to champion body positivity

'I honestly believe that flaws do not exist'

Rachel Hosie
Wednesday 13 December 2017 11:43
Missguided star body positive, non-airbrushed women in new ad campaign

In news that really shouldn’t be newsworthy but still is, fashion brand Missguided has launched a new campaign featuring entirely unairbrushed models.

The new campaign, Make Your Mark, champions individuality.

It follows praise other retailers have received for refusing to airbrush out models’ stretchmarks and cellulite.

Last month, Missguided was widely praised for its use of unretouched imagery, and following this success the brand decided not only to include women’s so-called “flaws,” but celebrate them.

The campaign features nine “babes of Missguided” and aims to empower women and champion body positivity.

The line-up of women includes models, body positive activists and bloggers.

“I think it’s super important that we promote body confidence because let’s face it we were all both into this world as an individual and our individuality makes us beautiful,” said model and body positive activist Felicity Hayward.

“I love promoting my body, I love promoting my stretch marks, I love promoting my cellulite. I honestly believe that flaws do not exist.

Felicity Hayward

“I believe that flaws are created by the media to make people feel insecure about their body and when we feel insecure that’s where they can make money.”

The new ads are part of the brand’s wider Keep On Being You campaign, which launched in October.

The campaign has seen an increase in UK visitors to Missguided’s website by 20 per cent and an increase of 12 per cent in the US.


Earlier this year, online retailer Asos was celebrated for using images of models with stretchmarks without any fanfare.

Perhaps the tide is finally turning and we’ll be allowed to accept real women’s bodies as beautiful.

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