Are these Britain's worst-dressed men?

So says 'GQ' magazine. Carola Long, deputy fashion editor, decides if they are being wronged

Thursday 03 April 2008 00:00 BST

1. Russell Brand

Do Russell Brand and Kate Moss secretly share a wardrobe? They wear the same skinny jeans, waistcoats, pointy boots and tuxedo jackets. However, on Brand it all looks a few sizes too small. He is trying to make an effort with his Byronic–dandy-rocker look – but a bit too much of an effort.

2. Pete Doherty

He deserves the worst-washed award for his unkempt, feral appearance but the clothes themselves are quite dapper. Doherty's slim figure makes him one of the few men who can carry off this louche Jean-Paul Belmondo-meets-the-Artful Dodger look.

3. Gordon Brown

The Prime Minister's position on the list seems way too harsh, especially since he is a customer at the smart Savile Row tailor Gieves & Hawkes. Mr Brown's suits are fine, it is his awkward posture and his palpable discomfort at dressing up that can let him down.

4. Jonathan Ross

Ross's flamboyant look recalls everything from Hammer horror films to Willy Wonka, with garish results. However, the fact he has committed his own dress sense to Room 101 in the past, and therefore has a sense of humour about it, redeems him slightly.

5. Jeremy Clarkson

His look is the sartorial equivalent of a mid-life crisis car; intended to make the wearer/driver look cool, but actually having the opposite effect. The leather blazer makes him resemble Phil Mitchell from Eastenders, while his badly fitting jeans are 'embarrassing dad'.

6. James Blunt

Blunt's place on the list is well deserved. He doesn't do "Bohemian scruffy" like Johnny Depp – just lazy T-shirts and distressed jeans, often with a strangely mumsy, boot-cut shape. The singer's look is therefore safe and middle of the road. Remind you of anything?

7. Gordon Ramsay

The former footballer-turned celebrity chef still dresses like a flashy player at a nightclub, favouring such faux pas as boxy suits with 1980s City-boy stripes, fat shiny ties with fat knots, oversized collars, and shirts and ties in matching colours. Call the fashion police.

8. Mika

Shocking pink jackets might not be to everyone's taste at the moment, but the Lebanon-born singer's bright, cartoonish clothes perfectly match his camp musical style and express his effervescent persona. He also balances outlandish colours with clean, simple shapes, so that the overall effect isn't too saccharine.

9. David Beckham

His wife, Victoria, has said that she likes men in baggy jeans, and so she is probably behind his occasional penchant for "street style by numbers". Beckham has more different looks than a Ken doll – "urban Beckham" or "bling Beckham" are among those which are often given an outing. However, he needs to find a signature style.

10. Johnny Borrell

With his skin-tight jeans and very low cut T-shirts, the lead singer of the rock group Razorlight seems to fancy himself as a younger version of Iggy Pop. Alas, the droopy cardigans and Barbour jackets he also sports make him look like Victor Meldrew on Jack Daniels – but he is by no means the worst offender.

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