Skinny jeans, corsets and oversized bags: a guide to dangerous fashion trends

Beware of too tight denim - it could pose a health risk - but it isn't the only hazardous item in your wardrobe

Emma Akbareian
Monday 29 June 2015 13:03 BST

From high heels to waist-cinching corsets - suffering in the name of fashion is not a new invention, but a recent incident involving a pair of skinny jeans means you can add denim to the hazardous list.

When it comes to jeans we've all experienced that uncomfortable too tight feeling, especially in the last decade with the rise in popularity of skin-tight denim, but one woman took this to the extreme resulting in a hospital visit.

Australian doctors have warned against the dangers of skinny jeans following the case of woman who temporarily lost the feeling in her skinny jean-clad legs after several hours squatting in the them.

The woman, who lost the feeling in her legs, was found lying on the ground and once transferred to hospital had to be cut out of the offending trousers. She was treated for compartment syndrome or nerve compression.

But skinny jeans aren't the only fashion trend that could pose a risk to your health:

And it's not just the world of fashion that could have you falling victim to injury...the beauty world has its fair share of hazards too from out-of-date suncream, unsanitary pedis and formaldehyde hair-dos.

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