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Melanie Rickey
Sunday 23 October 2011 06:17

London Fashion Week closed on Saturday with the traditional showing of the MA graduates of Central St Martin's. In all, 30 students showed capsule collections of between seven and 14 outfits that summed up their current creative flow, and displayed their various strengths - and (their few) weaknesses.

From rigid neoprene skirts to floaty wisps of chiffon, edgy pointy tailoring to complete outfits that created an optical illusion, each student had a different vision to present. Some took their influence from St Martin's golden boys McQueen and Chalayan, with long slim dresses featuring open slashes filled with a nude stocking fabric, and printed arrows. Others like Hannah MacGibbon fused elements of haute couture with modern contemporary design; her elegant Givenchy-esque strapless tops tied with rigid bows were teamed with tight hipster trousers to great effect. Patrick Lee Yow also roused attention with his new take on rain macs - his, in waterproof silk, were cut specially to accommodate a sudden downpour - just pull it up at the back and it becomes a fabulous all-in-one waterproof headscarf/mac.

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