Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly pose in underwear for Calvin Klein Instagram Live

‘Hope everyone’s horny at home,’ the pair joked in livestream of a mock photoshoot

Kate Ng
Thursday 17 February 2022 19:16 GMT
Kanye/Kim/Pete Drama

Pete Davidson and Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) have sent fans into a frenzy after they took over and stripped down to their underwear in a Calvin Klein Instagram livestream.

Davidson led the takeover, first swapping out the brand’s display picture for one of himself and then posting a mirror selfie on Calvin Klein’s grid with the caption: “I got Instagram.”

The Saturday Night Live (SNL) comedian then launched an Instagram Live with musician MGK and the pair performed a mock photoshoot on a white couch in the brand’s loungewear and signature briefs.

At one point, Davidson lay across the couch with his jeans pulled down around his knees and said: “I was gonna go for one of these. Be very casual about it.”

In another part of the “photoshoot”, Davidson knelt on the couch with his mouth open as MGK rained popcorn down on him from above.

“Hope everyone’s horny at home,” the pair joked to the live audience. “It’s called BDE, which is insanely embarrassing, but it is true.”

The two men were referring to the phrase “Big D*** Energy”, which was coined on social media after Davidson’s ex-fiancee Ariana Grande reportedly tweeted about how well-endowed he was. She quickly deleted the tweet.

According to Urban Dictionary, BDE is “confidence without cockiness. It is never misplaced and it cannot be simulated. It is the sexual equivalent of writing a check for US$10k knowing you got it in the bank account [sic].”

After the livestream ended, Davidson shared a photo of himself and MGK peering at the camera together and wrote: “Did we nail it or did we nail it.”

Fans posted about their excitement for the campaign on social media, with one person writing: “I will literally cease to exist, I will never be the same.”

Another praised the friendship between Davidson and MGK, writing: “MGK and Pete Davidson live on Calvin Klein’s IG was the greatest thing I’ve seen. Phenomenal promotion. I love these two so much. Their friendship is the cutest.”

A third said simply: “MGK and Pete Davidson for Calvin Klein, what a time to be alive.”

Davidson has been causing waves online as rumours circulate about his purported romance with Kim Kardashian.

The pair have been spotted holding hands and hanging out ever since they appeared on SNL on 9 October this year, when Kardashian hosted the show and they shared an on-screen kiss during a sketch.

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