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8 beauty resolutions to make in 2023

Give your skin, hair and nails a New Year boost. By Prudence Wade.

Prudence Wade
Friday 30 December 2022 07:30 GMT
Hair, nail and skincare resolutions you might want to make this year (Alamy/PA)
Hair, nail and skincare resolutions you might want to make this year (Alamy/PA) (Alamy/PA)

Looking to break some bad habits in the new year, or perhaps make some good ones?

When it comes to skin, hair and nailcare, there are a few golden rules to follow – but sometimes they can be easily forgotten.

If you’re looking to up your beauty game in 2023, you might want to adopt some of these expert-led resolutions…

1. Keep it simple

One glance at TikTok ‘skinfluencers’ will have you thinking there are well over 10 products you simply must have in your daily routine – otherwise you’re risking dire consequences for your skin.

However, Dr Mazin Al-Khafaji, founder of Dermatology M (, warns against wasting your money on too many flashy new products – nor do you have to have a 12-step routine to see results.

“Skincare doesn’t have to be complicated,” he says. “Make sure you customise your skincare and choose high-performance products packed with natural actives to achieve optimal skin health and a lifelong glow.”

2. Give your products time to work

With so many exciting new skincare launches, it’s tempting to buy new products whenever they’re released – all in the quest for glowing skin, right?

Well, Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme, founder and medical director of the Adonia Medical Clinic (, wants you to break out of the cycle in 2023.

“You will not product-hop this year, but give your skincare products 12 weeks to see optional results,” is the resolution she wants people to adopt. “This will save money and allow you to get the maximum benefits for your skin.”

3. Incorporate an active ingredient

“If you wish to keep your skin healthy and glowing this year, make it a New Year’s resolution to follow a simple skincare routine with good active ingredients,” advises Dr Pamela Benito, aesthetic medicine specialist (

“Depending on your skin’s specific needs, different products can be introduced but whatever your skin type – I love vitamin C for its brightening and glow-boosting effects,” she adds. “When formulated correctly, it is a potent antioxidant and works perfectly layered under your sunscreen. So if a great complexion is one of your goals this year, make sure you cleanse twice daily as your first step, following with a vitamin C serum and SPF every morning.”

4. Stop using heat without protection

This is a real bugbear for Lydia Wolfe, co-founder of Jack & The Wolfe (

“It’s amazing how many clients I speak to who are concerned about improving the condition of their hair, who confess they have never used a heat protection spray, or have one at home that never comes out of the cupboard,” she says.

“Even just blow-drying can cause heat damage, and the great thing is so many products now have heat-protective ingredients as well as styling performance, so you don’t have to have a whole separate product on the shelf. Stop using heat without protection!”

5. Change up your look with the seasons

“Committing to changing your look with the season would be a great new year resolution,” says Jośe Domene, Hare & Bone artistic team member (

“Create a golden blonde for the summer or add a shorter fringe in the winter, or try that beautiful copper for the autumn. Top tip – save any images you find inspiring on your phone to show to your hairstylist during your appointment.”

6. Learn a new skill

January can be a bit dull, so why not use the time to learn a new skill and change up your regular hairstyle?

“It’s time to master that LA wave with your hair tongs once and for all, or maybe you really want to learn to create mermaid hair,” says Domene.

“The new year is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Ask your hairdresser to show you on your next visit and then just practise every time you have a chance.”

7. Stop picking off your gel manicure

A gel mani looks gorgeous when it’s freshly done, but after a few weeks – when your nails have started growing out and it’s collected a few chips – it’s easy to want it off immediately.

Claire Aggarwal, COO at Bio Sculpture ( warns against picking it off yourself – as you could risk ruining your nails.

“Either have it removed professionally, or follow these steps to remove it yourself,” she says. “Using a file, buff off the top layer of your gel manicure. Apply acetone to a cotton pad and place it over the nail. Wrap this in tinfoil and wait for 10 minutes. Remove the foil and you should see that the gel is coming away from the nail plate, gently ease it off.”

8. Start using cuticle oil

Whether you’re a regular in the salon or prefer to keep your nails au natural, there’s one thing Aggarwal wants everyone to start doing next year: “Use a cuticle oil every day, to help nourish your nails and cuticles.”

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