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You can only claim to be fit if you pass these 7 tests, says hardcore gym instructor

Can you complete them all?

Sarah Young
Saturday 06 May 2017 14:13 BST
Someone that can do all seven things? That person is exceedingly fit.
Someone that can do all seven things? That person is exceedingly fit. (Getty Images)

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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


You might be able to squat, lift your own body weight and execute a round of pushups without breaking a sweat but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re fit.

Instead, there is a checklist of gruelling exercises that you need to be able to complete before you can truly claim to be in top shape, Mens' Health reports.

According to Bobby Maximus, training director at one of the country’s most elite and hardcore gyms Gym Jones, there are in fact 20 standards you need to meet; and he should know.

With a client list that includes everyone from pro-athletes to Special Forces soldiers, Maximus is used to training super-strong gym bods who are all subjected to his famous fitness standards.

Complete all 20 and you’re buffer than 99.9 per cent of the population. But, if you’re happy to ‘settle’ with being seriously fit, Maximus says these are the seven most critical.

Perform 15 pullups

A test that means you have to engage all your muscles – lower body, core, and upper body – nailing 15 clean pullups indicates that aren’t carrying too much excess weight and that you know how to use your muscles in synergy.

Back squat twice your bodyweight

This move works your body’s most powerful muscles – your glutes, quads and hamstrings and hitting double bodyweight proves that your legs are strong enough to handle nearly anything.

Run 10 kilometres in 50 minutes

While long runs might not be anything new to you the amount of time you take to complete them is a good indicator of fitness. According to Maximus, being able to run 6 miles in 50 minutes or less says that your lungs are in order and that you have the ability to recover quickly.

Do a Turkish getup with half your bodyweight

A total-body exercise that builds and maintains full-body mobility, being able to get up off the ground with half your bodyweight overhead proves that your midsection is seriously strong.

Bench press your bodyweight for 10 reps

Maximus says that the ability to do 10 bench press reps with your bodyweight means you’re likely to pass most military pushup tests and requires some serious endurance.

Complete a 500 metre row in 90 seconds

Passing this test shows that you have the lungs and power to sustain short burts of intense effort which Maximus says is key for guys like Special Forces soldiers or UFC fighters.

Finish a 2000 metre row in 7 minutes

Similar to the previous test, this one requires a good set of lungs but it’s also one of mental toughness. While you’re going to want to quit at the halfway point, Maximus says being able to push past the suffering means you have relentless staying power.

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