Florence Pugh posts birthday message for Zach Braff

The actress has previously defended the 21 year age gap in their relationship

Ellie Abraham
Wednesday 07 April 2021 12:43

British actress Florence Pugh has given fans an insight into her relationship with fellow actor Zach Braff with a new message.

To mark Braff’s 46th birthday, Little Women star Pugh shared a sweet message alongside three images of him on her Instagram.

Two pictures featured the couple’s dog, Billie, whom they’ve had for a year. The images show Billie curled up with Braff and in one, he’s scratching the dog.

Pugh wrote: “It’s this magical person’s birthday. A year ago we got Billie three days before Zach’s day and she’s flopped on her back for tummy tickles from him like this ever since.”

Sharing the sentiments with her 2.2 million followers, 25-year-old Pugh referenced the third picture in which Scrubs actor Braff is wearing a fluffy jumper and trousers, cartoon socks and an odd pair of trainers.

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She added: “A special day for a special fella requires special foot wear and fluffy trackies.. obvi.”

The pair are rumoured to have begun dating in 2019 - in the same year they worked together on a short film called In The Time It Takes To Get There.

Pugh’s birthday message for America-born Braff continued: “His need to make people laugh and smile is never ending, his constant generosity and love for others is infectious, his creativity and ability to put real and honest words onto the page inspires many and all who’s around him, but above all.. his appreciation for life and excitement for LIVING is something I always take note of.

“Happy Birthday chicken, odd shoes is a good look.”

With a 21 year age gap, the couple’s relationship has faced objection from some online. Pugh defended Braff, who faced “bullying” from her followers, in an Instagram video in April last year.

In an interview with Elle in May, Pugh said: “It’s bizarre that normal folk are allowed to display such hate and opinions on a part of my life,” adding, “people have no right to educate me on my private life”.

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