Chris Hemsworth and friend use strange method to motivate each other in intense workout

Chris Hemsworth has shared a BTS fitness video and we have questions

One person said: ‘I never thought Thor would wind up being the funniest Avenger.’

Ellie Abraham@ellieabraham
Tuesday 06 April 2021 11:03

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth is well known for his ripped physique and often posts his workout routines online.

But, with his latest post, the 37-year-old has amused people with a facetiously intense, grunt-filled workout with his friend and music producer Paul Fisher, who is known by the stage name DJ Fisher.

In a video posted to his 47.6 million Instagram followers, the 1:17 minute-long clip is captioned: “Number 1 DJ @followthefishtv dropped into the @centrfit lab for a tune up #bloodsweatandtears”.

The clip shows him and DJ Fisher grunting throughout the video and shouting bizarre encouraging statements to each other to pump one another up. At one point, Hemsworth is hyping up his friend as he lifts weights outside.

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He shouts: “You’re a big fish dammit. You’re the biggest fish”

The pair essentially end up in a screaming match as they lift weights and try to get the adrenaline pumping.

They reference the eye of the tiger, as DJ Fisher shouts: “The eye of the f**king what?”, to which Hemsworth screams back “tiger!” while lifting (and then laughing).

Extraction movie co-star Rudhraksh Jaiswal commented on the video: “Exceptional work! Especially the screaming pumped me up!”

UFC star Luke Rockhold wrote: “Hahahaha mint.”

One Instagram user wrote: “I can’t stop laughing.” Another person said: “I never thought Thor would wind up being the funniest Avenger.”

Despite it being clearly tongue-in-cheek and verging on parody, the video does however show off Hemsworth’s workout equipment that has obviously served him well.

Hemsworth plays the mythological God Thor in the Avengers movie franchise - he gained 20 pounds of muscle for Thor, his title role film that was released in 2011.

The actor’s older and younger brothers Luke and Liam are also successful actors. Chris and Luke have starred alongside each other in two Thor movies.

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