Ben and Jerry's giving away free 'Half Baked' ice cream to people who buy marijuana on 420

'Fans of cannabis can celebrate 420 openly and in style in more places than ever before'

Sabrina Barr
Saturday 20 April 2019 13:50 BST
Ben and Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice cream
Ben and Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice cream (Rex Features)

Ben and Jerry's is giving customers the opportunity to get their hands on free ice cream when they purchase marijuana on 420.

The American food company has partnered with Caliva, a cannabis dispensary organisation based in San Jose, California.

When customers place orders of marijuana through Caliva on Saturday 20 April, they'll receive a free pint of Ben and Jerry's 'Half Baked' ice cream in return.

"Fans of cannabis can celebrate 4/20 openly and in style in more places than ever before," the ice cream company stated.

While consumers may assume the collaboration has been formed solely in celebration of 420, the aim of the offer is also to raise awareness about the criminal justice reform needed for those persecuted with marijuana-related charges.

"In states where pot is legal, and even though black people and white people use pot at similar rates, black people are still arrested way more often than whites. We love 4/20 and we love legalisation, but that’s not OK," Ben and Jerry's explained.

The company added that while the legalisation of marijuana in certain regions has led to a reduced number of arrests, "racial disparities" still exist.

"Let’s be clear: even with increased legalisation, hundreds of thousands of people are still being arrested for pot. And most of those people are black," the company outlined.

"Black New York City residents, for example, are eight times more likely to be arrested for pot than whites."

For every purchase of marijuana made from Caliva on 420, 4.2 per cent of the profits are being donated to the "Clear My Record" project by Code for America.

The aim of the "Clear My Record" project is to help clear the criminal records of individuals being discriminated against in the workforce, including those arrested with marijuana-related charges.

"We’re very proud to be partnering with a brand as iconic as Ben and Jerry's to drive awareness of Code America's 'Clear My Record' programme," said Dennis O'Malley CEO of Caliva.

"We believe it’s our duty in the cannabis industry to pay respect to those who have been most affected by prohibition.

"'Clear My Record' is a transformative initiative that offers people with cannabis records a second chance to get jobs and housing, and ultimately thrive. We’re proud to contribute to that work."

In the US, medical marijuana has been legalised in 33 states.

Meanwhile, recreational use of marijuana is legal in 10 states and Washington DC.

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