Asda launches Christmas dinner pizza

But people are divided

Rachel Hosie
Friday 17 November 2017 14:15

It’s not uncommon now for families to take the hard work out of Christmas dinner by buying prepared food that they can just stick in the oven.

But this year, Brits will be able to take things one step further with what is perhaps the ultimate in convenience Christmas Day lunches: a Christmas dinner pizza.

Traditionalists may be spitting out their mince pies at the prospect, but such a concoction is soon to be available at Asda.

Dubbed a “festive feast with none of the fuss”, the new pizza, launching 7 December, is topped with chicken, roast potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and drizzled with cranberry sauce.

Yes, that’s potatoes on a pizza. Because if there’s any time to have carbs on carbs, it’s Christmas.

Of course, you may argue that they’ve forgotten the carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, pigs in blankets, stuffing, bread sauce and gravy, but that might be more of a Christmas dinner with a pizza for a plate than a Christmas pizza.

At £2.60 for a 10in pizza or £4 for 14in, it could be more affordable than the standard Christmas lunch, but the new creation has divided the public.

“Not sure how to feel about the fact that Asda have brought out a Christmas dinner pizza,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Brussels sprouts do not belong on a pizza,” agreed another.

However, there’s also much excitement, with one person expressing that to them, the pizza sounded “delicious”.

“Yassss this is a dream,” added another person.

With every supermarket and café on the high street having been selling Christmas sandwiches – essentially, the main components of a Christmas lunch stuffed between two slices of bread – for years, it was only a matter of time before someone put it all on top of a pizza.

Shops are being driven to be increasingly creative with their Christmas offerings in a bid to outdo one another, and this has manifested itself in Christmas lunch wraps, brioche buns and even salads this festive season.

Christmas-themed pizzas in restaurants aren’t new either, with the likes of Pizza Express and Zizzi having launched Christmas menus every yuletide for years.

This year, for example, Pizza Express has a pizza topped with roast beef, horseradish sauce and roast potatoes.

Of course, many people complain that this is all ridiculous and isn’t what Christmas is about at all. But to others, it’s just a bit of fun. Delicious fun too.

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