Costa Coffee adds ‘Flat Black’ to menu and receives mocking response

The ‘Flat Black’ is getting some slack

Sabrina Barr
Monday 12 March 2018 14:48 GMT
Costa Coffee has released the 'Flat Black' as part of its 'Flat Family range'
Costa Coffee has released the 'Flat Black' as part of its 'Flat Family range' (Costa Coffee)

Costa Coffee has announced the new addition of the “flat black” coffee to its menu - and has been ridiculed as a result.

The coffee chain has recently launched a new range of caffeinated beverages called the “Flat Family range”, which includes a brand new drink called the “Flat Black”.

While it may sound like an innovative take on the more widely known flat white, people have been quick to point out on social media that a flat black bears many similarities to... a standard black coffee.

“Costa have started selling a ‘flat black’. Congrats guys, you’ve invented black coffee,” one person sarcastically tweeted.

“Costa’s ‘flat black’ is doing me a confuse,” another Twitter user commented.

“If a flat white is espresso with steamed milk (and no foam), then a flat black is espresso topped up with water? That’s an americano isn’t it?”

Costa has responded to its critics on Twitter, explaining that a flat black is stronger and smoother than an Americano due to the coffee extraction process.

“Proudly the first branded UK coffee shop to introduce the Flat White in 2010, the new range of styles and flavours offers exciting new ways to enjoy this specialty drink,” stated the press release in regard to the new range.

“Each member of the Flat Family is handcrafted by an expert barista using the purest coffee extraction method, a cortissimo shot - 21 grams of coffee extracted over 15 seconds to create shorter extraction.

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The price of an americano at Costa starts from £1.95, in comparison to the Flat Black which has been priced from £2.25.

Jeffrey Young, founder of London Coffee Festival taking place in April this year, has explained how the Flat Black differs from a typical americano.

"The Costa Flat Black is essentially a three shot americano served in a slightly smaller cup to make it more intense," he told The Independent.

"It is quite a clever innovation targeting black coffee lovers and building on their Flat White series, which is hugely popular."

The Flat Family range includes a variety of other new drinks in addition to the flat black.

“There’s something for everyone in the Flat Family - from the flat black, for those who prefer their coffee pure, to the flat mocha, for those who can’t resist a touch of chocolate,” said Gennaro Pelliccia, master of coffee at Costa.

Other options on the menu include the flat mocha and the coconut flat white, plus a limited addition white hot chocolate.

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