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Devon pub accused of ‘wokeness’ after renaming ploughman’s lunch to ploughperson’s

The name change was intended as a ‘fun’ nod to the women farmers in the region

Joanna Whitehead
Tuesday 29 March 2022 10:08 BST
The dish originates from the 1950s
The dish originates from the 1950s (Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A Devon pub has been hit with accusations of “wokeness” after it renamed a classic ploughman’s lunch dish “ploughperson’s” to reflect the many women who farm in the region.

Dicky Harrison, the landlord of The Tors pub in the Devon village of Belstone, described it as “a bit of fun”, but not before the news went viral on social media.

“How f**king pathetic to rename the Ploughmans lunch a Ploughperson?” wrote one angry user. “I would suggest this pub is boycotted until they get a life & start acting like adults - its a PLOUGHMAN'S.”

Another said: “Sorry guys, won’t be visiting a ‘woke’ pub for my lunch. Yes, there are lots of women farmers today and I salute them, but stop changing the past.”

“It’s like saying we can’t call the moon the moon any more”, lamented a third, while another warned: “Soon Mother’s Day & Father’s Day will be forbidden.”

One user questioned why the pub’s menu had offered “Mama’s chocolate mousse”, claiming all items should be gender neutral. Mr Harrison said it was called this because it was his mum’s recipe.

Mr Harrison told The Guardian that the name change was a light-hearted gesture.

“It was a bit of fun. We’re on Dartmoor and have lots of friends who are farmers - ladies as well as men - who all work the land. It was a nod to the ladies, without being too political. It wasn’t done to cause offence, but women plough too.

“I’m not really sure what to do now, to be honest - whether to change it or not. It just seemed the right thing to do at the time.”

The ploughperson’s dish features cheese from Devon, ham roasted with molasses and English mustard, picked onions, chutney and sourdough bread and costs £12.50.

The dish has been on the menu for a few years, but the pub owners said there had been no major opposition until now.

While some social media users were offended by the name change, others expressed their desire to visit the pub.

“I'll be detouring to support the Tors Inn next time I'm in the SW to check out the Ploughperson's lunch,” commented one user, while another wrote: “I’ll make a point of visiting the #TorsPub next time I’m in the UK.”

“Well done to The Tors Pub Dartmoor,” wrote another. “Great bit of fun and genuine acknowledgement of our female farmers. Love it.”

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