In one of London’s busiest neighbourhoods is a British interpretation of an American-style diner
In one of London’s busiest neighbourhoods is a British interpretation of an American-style diner

Brunch on Saturday: Hearty delights at Foxlow and a Korean kimchi potato recipe

This week in Brunch on Saturday, Megan Townsend tries out a non-fuss brunch affair in London’s Soho and we make a Korean breakfast dish at home

Megan Townsend@mmtowns
Friday 15 December 2017 18:48

Brunching out...

In such a prime location, smack bang in the middle of Soho – but close enough to Piccadilly and the theatre district, you would expect Foxlow to be slightly more high maintenance. Within an earshot of the Statue of Eros the brasserie-meets-diner is easy, calm and oddly... quiet.

As we arrived, the homey atmosphere seemed to stretch not only in the warm greetings from staff, but in the do-it-yourself nature of the dining experience. Guests can sit wherever they like and order off whichever menu that takes their fancy. You want a cocktail? You get yourself a cocktail!

The decor matches the restaurant description – it feels like a British interpretation of a diner, with wooden chairs and large tables for big groups. The blue tiles with white finishes sort of make it feel like a school canteen – which just makes you feel even more unruly when putting away your third aperol slushy. The whole place is an Instagram dream – cheeky slogans cover the wall (such as a large sign saying “grass-fed and well bred”, which refers to the beef they sell of course), the lighting is dimmed and the bar staff boogie to subdued disco.

Cannelloni beans, roasted grapefruit, chicken and waffles

The menu reflects this “dont-give-a-f*ck” British diner feel too, with both healthy options and dude food – but both options containing the best ingredients. The shortrib on jalepeno cornbread (£9.50) was delicious, with just the right amount of spice in the British take on an American diner classic. The shortrib was cooked to perfection, while ogleshield cheese added texture. The Fried chicken, egg and croissant waffles (£12.00) , again managed to achieve fusion between American flavours and classic British ones – with tangy sausage gravy and an enormous helping of fried chicken.

On the healthier side, the quality didn't stop – but neither did the simplicity. A generous helping of jumbo oat porridge (£4) comes with two toppings, we went for banana and honey – was rich and comforting, while the Cannellini beans on toast (£4.50) was wholesome with garlic and fresh herbs adding a delightful kick.

shortrib and jalepeno cornbread

The cocktail menu takes equal part in the Foxlow experience. We opted to begin with Foxlow mimosas (£7) taking the classic grapefruit and prosecco beverage and adding sherbet and gin. We then moved on to the "retro" options with a Miami Dolphin (£8.75) consisting of strawberry infused rum and pina colada foam, and the life-changing corpse reviver (£8) which does everything it says' on the tin (yep) containing gin, Cocchi americano, Cointreau, lemon... and... absinthe.

Foxlow's attitude shines throughout the entire experience – the seemingly perfect way to hide away from the hustle and bustle of London, but also be completely surprised by the flavours available. a hidden gem.

Its a millennial paradise located in the middle of the theatre district.

Foxlow Soho,8-10 Lower James St, Soho, London W1F 9EL, 020 7680 2710,, open daily

Brunching in..

Korean kimchi poato slaw on sourdough toast, topped with a fried egg

A unique and delicious creation which finds the sharp tastes of Korean Kimchi pairing with a golden slice of sourdough toast and potato slaw. The addition of a fried egg on top makes this recipe an amazing brunch idea.

175g waxy potatoes, cut into matchsticks
1 carrot, sliced into matchsticks
½ savoy or Chinese cabbage, shredded
2tsp Kimchi chilli paste
1tbsp stevia or zylitol instead of sugar (optional)
2 eggs
2 slices of sourdough bread
A little rapeseed or low-cal olive oil spray to cook the eggs
Salt, pepper and chilli flakes to garnish
Sliced spring onion to garnish
Salt for the cabbage

Salt the cabbage for 10-20 minutes, rinse well and dry. Mix with the carrots, chilli paste. Parboil the potatoes for 2 minutes then drain and leave to steam dry. Mix with the carrots, cabbage and chilli paste, season with the salt and sugar to taste. Set aside.

Fry the eggs until crisp around the edges and season with salt, pepper and chilli flakes. Toast the sourdough and top with the slaw, the egg, spring onions and chilli flakes if you like.

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