Marmite stops making larger jars due to yeast shortage

Halting production of 400g jars is a ‘temporary measure’

Sabrina Barr
Thursday 11 June 2020 10:28 BST
(Rex Features)

Marmite has temporarily stopped production of its 400g jars due to a yeast shortage, the company stated on Twitter.

Marmite is typically either greatly loved or staunchly hated by consumers across the nation.

For those who do enjoy the taste of the yeast-based spread, eating it may have helped to provide a small ounce of comfort during these uncertain times.

However, anyone who may have been hoping to get their hands on a 400g jar of the divisive product are out of luck... for the time being.

On Twitter, a customer asked Marmite which retailers are currently stocking 400g jars of Marmite as they “need Marmite like oxygen”.

Unfortunately, Marmite provided a disheartening answer.

“Due to brewers yeast being in short supply (one of the main ingredients in Marmite) supplies of Marmite have been affected,” the company replied.

“As a temporary measure we have stopped production of all sizes apart from our 250g size jar which is available in most major retailers.”

Several other Twitter users expressed their disappointment in response to the tweet, with one person dubbing the news “Marmageddon”.

“What. Is this a joke. It’s not funny. I only have three jars in reserve #ineedmarmite,” one person wrote.

“You hate to see it. Or love to see it,” another joked, in response to the love-or-hate nature of the spread.

In November 2019, a poll of 1,000 British people living abroad found that tea, chocolate and Marmite are among the food and drink products that expats miss the most.

Other products on the list included crumpets, custard, marmalade and scones.

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