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Martha Stewart reveals how she truly feels about pumpkin spice flavouring

‘I don’t like cappuccino with pumpkin spice in it,’ Stewart admits

Kaleigh Werner
New York
Tuesday 07 November 2023 18:05 GMT
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Martha Stewart has spoken candidly about the all-consuming obsession people have with pumpkin spice during the fall.

The cookbook author, 82, may indulge in a classic Thanksgiving dessert, but she’s not too keen on the taste of pumpkin in her coffee. During a recent appearance on Today, Stewart expressed her apprehension about adding the spice to every food and drink, like most people do during this time of year.

“So, speaking of autumn - I would like you to weigh in on this, Martha,” host Al Roker told the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model. “What say you on the pumpkin spice?”

“In a pie, I love it. In anything else, I do not love it,” Stewart confessed. Roker agreed, and declared the overuse of pumpkin spice to be unnecessary. “The queen has spoken. By royal decree, get rid of the pumpkin spice,” the talk show host said.

Roker first expressed his contempt for the spice in 2020, specifically calling out pumpkin spice lattes for being fake. “There’s no pumpkin in it. It’s chemicals, it’s artificial flavouring - just why?” he questioned. “OK, if you want it in your coffee, fine. But you start putting it in all these other things, it doesn’t taste good!”

While Stewart didn’t reveal which foods she thinks should be free from pumpkin spice, she did express her disinterest in adding the flavour to a certain hot beverage. “I don’t like cappuccino with pumpkin spice in it, I just don’t,” she admitted.

Some people may believe that the Food Network star’s distaste for pumpkin spice - in anything other than pie - is characteristic of an autumn cynic. However, Stewart is quite the opposite. Thanksgiving is in fact one of her favourite holidays, which is why she believes the Christmas season doesn’t begin until after the November holiday ends.

When asked by Today achor Craig Melvin what it is about Thanksgiving that she loves so much, Stewart replied: “Well, I love holidays, you know that, and Thanksgiving is one of my favourites.

“I do have gobblers in the poultry yard. I have 17 of them right now,” Stewart added, referring to the livestock she keeps on her farm in Bedford, New York – the property where she recently offered to host two lucky guests to stay ahead of the upcoming holiday.

In partnership with, Stewart is opening up her 150-acre home from 18 November to 19 November. For just $11.23, two individuals can enjoy a fall-inspired vacation in accordance with a special itinerary that includes a cottage tour and a “table setting and wreath-making demo with executive director of design, Kevin Sharkey.”

“Thanksgiving has always been one of my favourite holidays to celebrate, which is why I’m excited to be’s newest host and welcome guests to my Bedford farm for a Thanksgiving-inspired stay ahead of the big day,” Stewart said in the press release.

“Every year, my Thanksgiving holiday prep begins weeks before hosting my family in Bedford, so I can’t wait to welcome the guests that book this experience to my fall-ready Tenant House on the farm and look forward to sharing my favourite Thanksgiving-inspired traditions during their stay,” she continued.

Stewart’s home will be available for booking beginning 6 November at 12pm ET on, on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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