We tried Grill My Cheese's Hot cross bun cheese toastie

Team behind the infamous Rainbow Toastie provides the perfect answer to those craving some serious comfort food

Mars El Brogy@melbrogy,Justine Chalabi
Saturday 31 March 2018 00:32
Grill My Cheese

When we visited street food champs Grill My Cheese’s pop up in Selfridges Foodhall, we were treated to mouth-watering toasties including their Hot cross bun cheese toastie.

What is it, we hear you ask? It’s Grill My Cheese’s limited edition treat specially made for Easter. Think soft, classic hot cross buns filled with brie, cheddar and spiced salted caramel. The humble hot cross bun has been given a makeover!

A makeover for the humble hot cross bun

This seasonal toast is already doing its appearance on social media and national press…

Its makers are going to be at Selfridges for four weeks from its 19 March launch.

Grill My Cheese’s menu includes classics such as the GMC (Signature cheese blend of Farmhouse mature cheddar, Farmhouse cow milk mozzarella and béchamel sauce) and Mac Attack (Mac ’n’ cheese, homemade BBQ sauce and signature cheese blend) with an option for customers to make it a Selfridges Special i.e. with lashings of extra truffle.


And of course the infamous Rainbow Toastie, which is made up of beetroot and caramelised onion flavoured cheeses, goats cheese and truffle hunter truffle oil, is firmly in the menu. The beetroot, rocket and caramelised onions (plus a tiny bit of blue colouring) make up the colours of its Rainbow Toastie.

Rainbow toastie

And all these seriously indulgent toasties can be washed down with a refreshing, all natural fruit slushie.

Grill My Cheese, Selfridges Food Hall, 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB