One of many pictures taken in the shoot
One of many pictures taken in the shoot

Drunk woman takes amazing photographs of kebab shop staff

'It’s the kebab factor - big up the bossmen who are there for us through thick and thin'

Rachel Hosie
Monday 19 February 2018 12:17

Whether you go for a kebab, cheesy chips or chicken nuggets, there’s nothing like end-of-the-night-out food.

When it’s 3am and you’re drunk, most of us crave greasy, salty, delicious carbs - even if we don’t always remember what we ate the following day. (Unless our meal decides to make an unfortunate reappearance.)

One woman, however, last weekend managed to capture her drunken kebab shop visit for posterity by conducting an impromptu photoshoot with the eatery’s staff.

Moya Lothian-McLean, a journalist based in London, ended her Saturday night at Ali Baba’s in Dalston.

Despite not remembering even going there the next day, when she woke up she found “a full photoset” from the kebab shop.

Lothian-McLean, 22, explained to The Independent that she had “absolutely no recollection” of taking the photos.

“I woke up the next day and read a message from my friend who complimented me on my ‘good kebab pics,’” she said. “I had no idea what he was talking about until I opened Instagram and saw I’d uploaded a full-on shoot.

“I usually always remember my nights, however messy, so I was pretty shocked I’d managed to delete such a huge chunk from my memory but found it really funny, especially because they were actually decent photos.”

Featuring photos of the staff giving thumbs-ups to the camera and handing over the kebabs, many people have remarked on the incredible quality of the photos.

“These are amazing,” one person wrote.

“This is like something from a national geographic article,” added another.

“This is bloody majestic,” someone else agreed.

Lothian-McLean says she even surprised herself by the quality of the pictures. “When I found the pics, I couldn’t stop laughing - they’re good! If someone else had taken them, I’d be retweeting them for sure. I’m just annoyed I don’t seem to show that kind of talent when 100 per cent sober.”

Many asked what phone Lothian-McLean had used, to which she replied: “Google Pixel 2 XL! The camera is INSANE”.

Others suggested she expand the project into a series which could involve chippies, pizza joints and curry houses.

Some people noticed how willing the staff clearly were to get involved, which can’t be said for every employee at a late night fast food establishment.

“The kebab guys were the Ali Baba boys in Dalston who are usually up for everything,” Lothian-McLean added.

“The photos seem to show they weren’t too perturbed by an idiot shoving a phone in their faces and they always remember their customers, so I wasn’t some complete random to them. They call me ‘chips with cheese’ because I always get that.”

And Lothian-McLean says she never expected the pictures to garner such a huge reaction on Twitter: “I thought people might like them but I never expected them to spread so wide. It’s the kebab factor - big up the bossmen who are there for us through thick and thin.”

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