iOS 8 is now more popular than God

Bible apps culled to make room for latest OS

Christopher Hooton
Thursday 18 September 2014 13:17

iPhone users are deleting the Bible to make room for iOS 8, proving that the word of God is no match for the voice of Siri.

Apple's latest operating system arrived yesterday but the update requires 4.6 GB of free space, forcing many users to rifle through their apps deleting blurred selfies, long since completed games and that avant garde concept album you're never going to actually listen to in a bid to make room for the overhaul.

Some people have had to go as far as deleting the Bible app, because the Old Testament might be a rollicking good story but the world needs manual exposure sliders on their cameras goddamnit.

It's fitting really, given how Apple fandom is often likened to a religion.

If you do manage to clear enough space for iOS 8, here's some fun features to try out on it, including getting Siri to identify a song, taking a timelapse video, dictating a message in real time and turning on your iPhone's 'distress signal'.

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