Top 10 YouTube video game videos of the week: "But you haven't completed the level"

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Saturday 27 February 2010 01:00

The top 10 gaming videos watched by YouTube users in the last week include a free web game that features the same level 30 times over, an Xbox 360 getting smashed up in frustration, two friends chatting through the new Resident Evil 5 missions, all among the usual truckload of Modern Warfare replays and commentary.

1) This Is The Only Level Too 2 Walkthrough - 430,724 total views
Tasselfoot, who last week had the tenth most watched YouTube gaming video of the week, is this week's number one. Here, he offers another game guide but this time for a devious and inventive game that he helped create. TITOL2 features 30 near-identical stages, each one subtly and often hilariously different from the last.

2) The Pro: XBOX Live Moderator Abuses His Power - 328,203 total views
What appears to be a cleverly edited video alleges that one of Microsoft Xbox Live's moderators has been behaving unreasonably. However, the clip doesn't show what the user 'iTzLuPo V2' did to attract such attention in the first place.

3) Psycho Girlfriend Smashes Xbox - 320,127 total views
It may be fake, but it's funny. A boyfriend and girlfriend play an Xbox 360 game together, as the girlfriend becomes increasingly agitated after going on a losing streak. After shouting and screaming, she finally takes out her anger on the games console.

4) Resident Evil 5 - Lost in Nightmares DLC Co-op - 299,435 total views
A home-made gameplay video offers a sneak peak of Resident Evil 5's new dowloadable content, due in the second week of March. Two buddies play through the first 10 minutes, chatting and commenting on the game.

5) Modern Warfare 2: Tejb is Flawless with the AK - 289,573 total views
Swedish Modern Warfare 2 player Tejb talks through his techniques and strategies while replaying a Free For All round, in the course of which two game hosts quit, leave (perhaps due to Tejb's unmatched skills) and our commentator wins the round with a top ratio of 30:0.

6) FarmVille Podcast - Feb. 19th - 251,231 total views
The Zynga company's official community manager Lexilicious talks FarmVille fans through another week's worth of new features and changes. This time, the ramifications of FarmVille's Chicken Coop expansion and alterations to the way the Horse Stable work are detailed.

7) 360Cinema's Top 10 MW2 Luckiest Kills Ep 4 - 257,928 total views
Machinima Respawn team up with 360 Cinema to present the Top 10 Luckiest Kills from Modern Warfare 2, with a mix of speculative sight-unseen long-range knife and grenade throws, with a few accidental trigger pulls and fortunate sniper shots.

8) Machinima Respawn 2/19/2010 (Frag Cup Announced) - 191,052 total views
Mr Sark of Machinima Respawn runs through a few quick Modern Warfare 2 videos, including Tejb's video from this week's number five position, plus some BioShock 2 and introduces the Frag Cup, which is a 64-team showdown between players from four different websites.

9) Aliens vs. Predator Review - 266,051 total views
IGN's four minute review of the recent Aliens vs. Predator PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 game. Despite being released to mixed critical and public opinion, AvP seems to have become a bestseller, quite possibly attracting the same crowd that made the films of the same name a DVD retail success.

10) Trailer - Swordquest - Angry Video Game Nerd - 200,550 total views
The Angry Video Game Nerd posts a trailer for his nostalgic look back upon Atari's marketing promotions for their 1982 and 1983 Earthworld, Fireworld, Waterworld, and the cancelled Airworld adventure games. The prizes for the first two game contests were valued at $25,000 each.

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