Tesla drivers have secret script to dodge questions about Elon Musk, the Boring Company and Autopilot crashes

Drivers are told to ‘keep conversation to a minimum’ and say that Elon Musk is an ‘inspiring’ and ‘great leader’

Adam Smith
Thursday 29 July 2021 15:07

Drivers for Elon Musk’s underground Loop system reportedly have a secret script dictating how they should answer customers questions about crashing Teslas and Mr Musk himself.

This “ride script” is used by drivers transporting passengers around the Las Vegas Convention Centre in modified Tesla cars.

The document, which TechCrunch reportedly obtained, tells people to “keep conversation to a minimum” and recommends answers to various questions should they come up,

If asked how long they have been with the company, drivers are replied to answer with “Long enough to know these tunnels pretty well!” in order to avoid making passengers uncomfortable being driven by a new employee. It also encourages drivers to “evade the question or shift the focus” if pressed.

With regards to crashes, which the script calls “accidents”, drivers are told to respond by saying that they do not know how many have happened and that they should “reach out to the company”. Tesla infamously shut down its PR department, and rarely replies to requests for comment from journalists.

Tesla’s Autopilot systems are disabled for manual loop operation, the document states, and are banned in Clark County where the convention centre is located. While there is apparently a pre-set response provided to drivers about the system, which has been the subject of much controversy recently due to investigations over the use of Autopilot during crashes, the reply is apparently redacted.

When asked about Mr Musk, the drivers’ script provides only positive answers in response to questions, telling passengers that “he’s awesome! Inspiring / motivating / etc”; if the driver is asked if they enjoy working for him, they will reply: “Yup, he’s a great leader! He motivates us to do great work.”

Mr Musk is “very involved and supportive” in the company, the script reportedly continues, and any questions about his tweets will be met with: “Elon is a public figure. We’re just here to provide an awesome transportation experience!”

Negative articles, such as reports about the toxic atmosphere at Tesla, referenced by drivers will be brushed off with the reply, “I haven’t seen that article, but that hasn’t been my experience”, the document apparently continues.

The Boring Company, Clark Country, and the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority did not respond to requests for comment from The Independent before time of publication, nor did they reportedly respond to TechCrunch’s requests for comment.

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