Woman criticised for saying she and husband drink coffee in garden each morning shares sweet update

She faced criticism after tweeting that she and her husband sit and talk for ‘hours’ each morning in their garden

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Wednesday 02 November 2022 15:00 GMT
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A woman who unintentionally sparked backlash after describing the morning routine she shares with her husband has revealed the one positive outcome to come from the controversy.

Last month, Daisey Beaton, 24, who owns a beauty company, revealed on Twitter that she and her husband Matt Beaton, 25, spend their mornings drinking coffee together in their garden.

“My husband and I wake up every morning and bring our coffee out to our garden and sit and talk for hours,” she wrote on 21 October . “Every morning. It never gets old and we never run out of things to talk [about]. Love him so much.”

Despite the wholesome nature of the tweet, Beaton was soon inundated with backlash, as hundreds of Twitter users took offense with the “humble brag”.

“Sounds like you and your husband need to get jobs,” one person tweeted, despite Beaton revealing that she and her husband begin work later in the day because “mornings are sacred around [their] house”.

Others suggested that Beaton’s tweet had come across as “tone-deaf” or “privileged,” with some noting that not everyone can enjoy coffee in a garden with their significant other.

“I wake up at 6am, shower and go to work for a shift that is a minimum of 10 hours long. This is an unattainable goal for most people,” one critic claimed, while someone else suggested the couple’s daily routine would be more impressive if Beaton and her husband had been married “for years”.

Amid the criticism, many began defending Beaton, while pointing out the ridiculousness of the backlash.

As for how she has handled the controversy, Beaton hasn’t let the negativity get to her, as she has continued to share posts of herself and her husband enjoying quality time in the garden. “Halloween coffee in the garden,” she captioned a photo of herself posing in the garden and holding a mug of coffee on Tuesday.

In a recent post, the 24 year old also shared the good that has emerged from her viral tweet, with Beaton revealing that she has received photos of people spending time outside and with their loved ones as a result of her influence.

“Y’all… people are sending me photos of their new morning routines, spending time outside in the mornings, planting regenerative gardens, and spending a little extra time with loved ones,” she wrote on 26 October. “Social media is a powerful tool for the light. Negative energy can get drowned out REAL QUICK.”

In another tweet, Beaton expressed her gratitude for all those who had supported her or defended her amid the controversy, as it was with their help that they were able to turn something negative into “something beautiful”.

“Thank you so so much to each and every one of you angels who have been supportive and kind and uplifting,” she wrote. “None of you went unnoticed, and y’all took something that was turning negative and made it something beautiful! Love you!”

The update has been met with happiness from Beaton’s followers, with many praising the 24 year old for her unwavering positivity.

“You are an inspiration and I hope my life can be similar to yours one day!” one person tweeted. “After seeing your wholesome posts I stopped to think about the future I want to achieve and it made me really inspired to keep living, so, thank you so much and please keep posting wholesome content!”

Another said: “Keep enjoying life. Happiness is contagious!!”

Beaton previously addressed the backlash sparked by her tweet on Twitter, where she clarified that she and her husband are not rich “by any means” and have simply worked hard to be where they are.

As for her reaction to the backlash, Beaton told Rolling Stone last month that she thinks a lot of the criticism came from people misinterpreting her tweet. “I think initially what set people off was the fact that I said how I get to spend hours with my husband every morning. People took it as we don’t have jobs or we live a life of luxury,” she said, which she clarified is not accurate.

The Independent has contacted Beaton for comment.

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