'Ecotherapy uses nature consciously to support wellbeing and recovery,' says expert
'Ecotherapy uses nature consciously to support wellbeing and recovery,' says expert

One in six over-60s are closer to grandchildren than their own offspring, poll claims

Respondents say spending more time with loved ones is a highlight of getting older

Astrid Hall
Monday 16 September 2019 15:09

One in six grandparents aged over 60 feel emotionally closer to their grandchildren than their own children, a new survey has claimed.

The poll of 1,600 over-60s found 45 per cent spent more time with their grandchildren than they did with their own children at the same age.

Participants said being able to spend more time with loved ones was a highlight of old age.

Looking after your grandchildren, having more time for travel and being less stressed were listed as some of the best things about growing old, the poll by Stannah found.

More than two fifths even said they enjoyed themselves more now compared to when they were younger.

Patrick Stannah, managing director of Stannah, said: "Our second Silver Census found over-60s look forward to spending time with their children’s children, whether it’s taking them on outings or reading together.

"It is heart-warming to see such strong inter-generational links blossoming around both traditional activities as well modern communications channels.”

Seven in 10 said they had more free time to spend with their grandchildren because they worked less now, or not at all, compared to how much they worked when their own children were growing up.

The research also found the convenience of modern life meant 96 per cent kept in touch with family and friends, with text messages and emails common ways to stay connected.

But 84 per cent made quality time with their grandchildren by reading with them.

Robinson Crusoe, The Railway Children and the Famous Five were named as classic children’s tales respondents would recommend.


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