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Groom’s brother shocks guests with hilarious family secret during wedding toast

‘I’m not kidding he’s probably been thinking about that everyday since it happened,’ one comment reads

Brittany Miller
New York
Monday 29 January 2024 21:03 GMT
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A man has amused viewers after using his brother’s wedding as an opportunity to share a 20-year-old family secret.

A wedding photographer under the username @talijoyphotography recently took to TikTok to show a wedding toast made by the groom’s brother, where he revealed a secret he had kept from his family for the last 20 years. In the video, he told the story of a time when the groom, and his older brother Mark, let him take the blame for something they had done.

“When I was around eight, Dave [their friend] and Mark were over at the house and they were playing paintball one day. And I love playing paintball myself. So when Mark came over and wanted to play I asked if I could join and they shot me down,” the clip began.

“But like any little brother, I ran upstairs and got my stuff anyway and I was going to follow them whether they liked it or not,” he continued. “When I got my stuff and came downstairs, they were gone.”

According to the younger brother, he had been so mad at the time that he decided to take some of his brother’s paintballs and throw them at the neighbour’s house. After their parents and neighbours noticed, the incident was blamed on Mark.

Both Mark and Dave attempted to defend themselves, making the point that the colours didn’t match but nobody believed them and Mark had to clean up the mess. His younger brother admitted he thought about confessing, but really wanted to watch television that night so he refrained.

“Wait wait wait, are you serious?” Mark said after hearing his brother’s confession. The video also captured Dave’s face, who appeared just as shocked. “I got in so much trouble for that,” Mark continued.

“So I bring this up now as a wedding gift to him for closure that I am the one that threw those paintballs,” his brother’s speech ended. “So thank you for letting me watch TV that night.”

After the video was posted in two parts, they received over three million views, with many people taking to the comments to applaud the speech and the reactions to it.

“The groom looked at his parents immediately ‘I TOLD YOU!!!’” one commenter pointed out.

“You could see the inner child being vindicated while staring at his parents and pointing at the true villain,” another comment read.

“I’m not kidding he’s probably been thinking about that every day since it happened,” a third commenter wrote, as many claimed the event was likely Mark’s “Roman Empire”.

This isn’t the first time a member of a wedding has shocked guests with their speech. A couple from Kentucky previously went viral as a result of the backlash the groom received for his explicit vows.

A clip of bride Kaitlin Brooks and groom Cody Sheehan’s wedding vows made their way to TikTok after being shared by videographer Samuel Foree for CK Entertainment Services. “FELLAS, this is your sign to go write those vows… now,” the video’s caption read.

The TikTok began after the bride read her vows, and Cody was asked to read his. He was seen looking at his soon-to-be wife and the officiant, before saying in front of the crowd: “I promise to smack that a** every chance I get.”

Cody and some wedding guests started to laugh at his comment, until the officiant chimed in and asked him if he wanted to continue, to which Cody replied: “That’s all I got.”

The officiant asked him again: “Is that it?”

“Yeah,” Cody maintained. A voice from the audience could be heard saying in the background: “C’mon Cody, are you sure?”

“I didn’t write nothin’ out,” the groom admitted. With a shocked look on his face, the officiant once again asked Cody: “That’s what you’re going out with?”

The groom confirmed: “That’s what I’m going with.”

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