Hailey Bieber shares her favourite workout and skincare regime

'I'm pretty consistent with my daytime and night-time routine,' says model

Olivia Petter
Wednesday 03 February 2021 08:16 GMT
(Getty Images for McDonald's)

Hailey Bieber has shared the details of her skin and workout routines in a new podcast.

Speaking on the Women’s Health Going for Goal podcast, the 24-year-old model revealed that she is in the “best shape” when she regularly does pilates.

Pilates was created by German-born fitness instructor Joseph Pilates, whose method was influenced by other forms of exercise, such as gymnastics, boxing and Greco-Roman wrestling

“Exercise is another thing that keeps my mind and my body really healthy.” said Bieber.

“I really like pilates and boxing for cardio. And I'll do a couple of sessions a week in the gym, weight training and cardio.”

The model, who is married to singer Justin Bieber, went on to say how she particularly loves pilates because it reminds her of dance.

“I used to be a ballet dancer so Pilates for me gets my body personally in the best shape because it's very elongating,” she said.

As for her skincare, Bieber, who has previously spoken about having issues with her skin, explained that she has a strict regime.

“I'm pretty consistent with my daytime and night-time routine, which is a double cleanse – first an oil-based cleanser, and then a gentle foaming [cleanser]; a serum or two, depending on if I want to layer more things, a moisturiser.”

Bieber added that she always wears an SPF on her face as well.

“I think if I had understood even younger than 24 that SPF was so important, I probably would have done it sooner. But I think I'll be happy that I even started in my 20s.”

Elsewhere in the interview, the model spoke about her mental wellbeing and explained how therapy has been hugely beneficial for her when dealing with negative attention in the media.

“I've talked it a lot through with a therapist, and I do therapy consistently,” she said before going on to reference her husband.

"I'm also married to someone that's been dealing with this a lot longer than I have, to an extreme, like the highest level it could possibly be.


“I think being able to share that world with somebody that understands it even better than I do has been so helpful.”

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