‘Men love my bald head’: OnlyFans model diagnosed with rare cancer still makes £66,000 a year

Mya Richardson’s persistent symptoms were consistently put down to ‘unbalanced hips’

Emma Dunn
Wednesday 01 March 2023 15:38 GMT
OnlyFans model continues earning £5,500 a month after cancer diagnosis

A woman has been able to continue making $80,000 on OnlyFans while undergoing cancer treatment and says “men love” her bald head.

Mya Richardson, 21, had been suffering with a pain on her side since she was 15 but her symptoms were consistently put down to “unbalanced hips”.

But when a painful lump started to form on the left side of Mya’s lower abdomen in she was referred to a specialist.

A biopsy revealed a 12cm mass diagnosed as spindle cell sarcoma - a tumour that can develop in the bone or soft tissue.

Mya started treatment straight away and underwent four sessions of chemotherapy followed by 25 sessions of radiotherapy.

But despite being in constant pain, Mya stays positive and continues to rake in $80,000 (£66,000) a year on OnlyFans.

Mya, a content creator, from Lansing, Michigan, US, said: “It was a big shock when I found out it was cancer.

“I had just thought it was a big cyst. The lump is still very painful.

“I was worried about how losing my hair would have an effect on me mentally as my job depends on my appearance.

“But men love the bald look. I had loads of positivity when I first posted without a wig.

“I have cancer but I’m still hot.”

Mya fist spotted the lump on her side in January 2022 after years of pain in the same place.

She said: “I was just always told I had unbalanced hips. But then I spotted this lump starting to form and it was really painful.”

(Mya Richardson / SWNS)
(Mya Richardson / SWNS)

Mya was seen by a specialist in May 2022 who immediately told her the lump was cancer.

She said: “The specialist knew straight away that it was cancer.

“I had just thought it was a cyst that could be easily removed.”

Mya was officially diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in September 2022 and was told she would have to undergo immediate treatment due to the aggressiveness of the tumour.

She said: “They spotted that it was spreading to my lungs but they have been able to stop it.”

She started chemotherapy later the same month and has just finished 25 sessions of radiotherapy in January 2023.

(Mya Richardson / SWNS)
(Mya Richardson / SWNS)

The treatment caused her to lose her hair but Mya has stayed confident and embraced her new bald look.

She has been able to continue working on Only Fans through her treatment.

Mya said: “I’m still able to support myself and my family.

“I’m still a very confident person.

“At first I used to wear wigs for content as I was worried about what people may think.

“I post a lot without my wig now.

“Lots of them offer support.”

Mya is due to have an appointment in March to set a date for an operation to remove the tumour.

Mya said: “I will then be in remission for two years after but it’s common for the cancer to come back.”

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