62-year-old Spanish woman hails pregnancy as 'a miracle'

Lina Alvarez from Lugo in Spain is expecting a third child after receiving fertility treatment

Harry Cockburn
Friday 16 September 2016 17:24 BST
'It is a miracle', 62-year-old Lina Alvarez said of her pregnancy
'It is a miracle', 62-year-old Lina Alvarez said of her pregnancy (iStock)

A 62-year-old Spanish woman is eight months pregnant and is due to give birth to a baby girl in October.

Doctor Lina Alvarez, from Lugo in north west Spain, says she started the menopause 20 years ago but is now expecting her third child after undergoing fertility treatment.

Ms Alvarez has two sons. The eldest is now 27-years-old. He suffered a head injury before birth when a gynaecologist damaged his head during a routine test and now requires constant care.

Her younger son is 10-years-old and was born when she was 52.

According to Spanish news service Agencia EFE, Ms Alvarez said: “I feel like a woman in her 30s. To feel better than this is impossible.”

“I am very happy because I am living now my reward for so much suffering. It is a miracle.”

According to MailOnline she added: “I always wanted to be a mother again, but most medical experts said no.”

However, she found a gynaecologist who was willing to conduct tests and confirmed he was willing to help her.

“They said there was only a six per cent chance of success,” Ms Alvarez said. “But I got pregnant with a baby girl.”

Ms Alvarez’s pregnancy has sparked debate in Spain over the ethics of the decision to implant an embryo in someone her age.

But she told reporters she does not let it bother her.

She said: “When she will be 30, I will be 90. I will be a grandmother as well as a mother and so what? The fact is that my daughter will have been brought up.”

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