Trans couple pause transition to become parents

They now have a one-year-old daughter

Rachel Hosie
Wednesday 28 June 2017 16:38 BST
Racquelle, Aspen and Liam
Racquelle, Aspen and Liam

Liam Johnson and Racquelle Trammell have recently celebrated their daughter Aspen’s first birthday.

But it’s a celebration the couple thought they’d never have.

Both Johnson, 20, and Trammell, 30, are transgender, but they put their transitions on hold to allow them to have a biological child.

Aspen, Liam and Racquelle
Aspen, Liam and Racquelle

Liam was about five when he realised he’d been born the wrong gender.

Racquelle was just kindergarten age when she first thought she wanted to wear nice dresses like other little girls.

Both started their transitions, and it was during this time that the couple met and fell in love.

“I think I began to like her before she began to like me,” Liam told My Trans Life. “I didn’t intend for it to happen but it did.”

The relationship soon became serious.

“I love Racquelle,” Liam added. “She has a nice soul. She’s just wonderful. It feels good to be with someone who understands what I’m going through.”

And Racquelle says Liam “literally saved” her from herself.

They then made the difficult decision to pause their transitions to allow them to have a baby - although identifying as a man, Liam was still able to become pregnant and give birth naturally, and Racquelle had to stop taking oestrogen to make sure her sperm could fertilise an egg.

Racquelle says watching Liam become pregnant was “bittersweet,” because she knew he wasn’t happy with himself.

Liam adds that although he was happy to have their baby, being pregnant wasn’t an experience he ever wanted.

But their daughter Aspen was born in March last year and has just had her first birthday party.

Liam, Aspen and Racquelle
Liam, Aspen and Racquelle

Since President Trump came into power though, trans rights have been diminished and Racquelle and Liam are worried.

“I’m scared of what that future will look like for me and my family,” Racquelle said.

For now though, the couple are just focussing on bringing Aspen up to be a “great person.”

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