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10 home décor ideas to claim back your living room

Transform your lounge with MADE.com to make it on-trend and timeless

Monday 17 May 2021 16:04

So, you lived like an urban hermit for 13 months and used Zoom’s backgrounds to hide empty pizza boxes piling up all around your living room table.

Perhaps the recent trip to the hairdresser gave you the confidence boost you needed for a quick drink at the pub, but now that two households can meet inside and you’re on hosting duty, it’s time to step up your game.

If you’re anything like us, you’d love to have the perfect velvet sofa surrounded by chic floor lamps and an artful mix of flowers, magazines, and unexpected objects on a design coffee table.

But where to start?

Regardless of your interior design aesthetics, MADE is here to help you decorating your home to suit your style and budget without the frustrations that come along with online shopping.

Here are ten ideas from the MADE catalogue to turn your cave into a sophisticated pad just in time for cocktail party season.

Deploy colour on the floor.

Tazim Graded Viscose Rug, Large, Teal Blue, £189 at MADE.com

The easiest way to add visual interest to the room? Use colour to section off your space, and deploy it aplenty on the floor. Invite the ocean in with Tazim, the super-soft rug. The best antidote to rainy London days.

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Add playfulness with quirky lamps.

Raja Leopard Ceramic Table Lamp, Tan, £69 at MADE.com

Be bold with your choices and strike the right balance of form and function. This leopard ceramic table lamp will give the vintage vibes and the quirky edge that your living room deserves.

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It’s all about timing.

Ivon Statement Pill Shape Wall Clock, Green, £45 at MADE.com

Thought clocks were boring? Think again. The pill-shaped clock with brass hands and a swinging pendulum will tell your guests that it’s time for style.

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Mix in metals to add warmth.

Chicago Floor Lamp Black&Copper, £199 at MADE.com

This vintage Hollywood-inspired floor lamp is the statement lounge lighting your living needs. The diffuser reflecting the light back into the shade creates a warm and illuminating effect.

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The rule of three.

Wax Wick Juniper and Lime, £25 at MADE.com

The interior design playbook has this famous rule: always group candles in three. On MADE.com you can find a wide array of Wax + Wick candles that use vegan soy wax and natural oils. Our favourite is Juniper + Lime, for a living room full of citrusy fragrances of berries and tart lime.

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Create a moody contrast.

Salo Embroidered Face Cushion, 45x45cm, £25 at MADE.com

Step outside your comfort zone and have fun with cushions that bring expression and personality into your living room. Designed by MADE, this cushion’s bright palette and abstract embroidered face add creativity to your room.

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Maximise daylight with mirrors.

Parton Round Wall Mirror, 60x60cm, Brushed Brass, £139 at MADE.com

Is your cosy London flat just too tiny? Maximise daylight and visually increase square footage with a simple, sleek, and chic round wall mirror with a brushed brass finish.

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Think inside the box.

Gunner Set 3 Extra Large Metal Storage Trunks, Tonal Blue, £159 at MADE.com

Got 13 months’ worth of takeaway menus lying around and nowhere to put them? Triple the storage space and say goodbye to clutter with Gunner, the storage option with the most style.

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Keep the curtain game simple.

Julius Velvet Eyelet Lined Pair of Curtains 168x228cm, Antique Gold, £89 at MADE.com

Avoid patterns when choosing curtains: designs or florals can date a room too quickly. Instead, choose super affordable velvet curtains to block out the light (and your nosy neighbour). You can even buy them in two colours and change them out seasonally.

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Bring the Mediterranean in.

Weaver Pendant Lamp, Natural Bamboo, £139 at MADE.com

Miss the sea, the sun, and the Spritz? Invite the Mediterranean indoors with Weaver, the pendant lamp in natural Bamboo that will teleport you from Clapham to Corfu.

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Head to MADE.com to find more trendy home accessories and chic lightings, whether you are still homebound or not.