How to open a can of tuna without a can opener

If you're ever without a can opener, there are several ways you can open it

Saturday 28 November 2015 15:24 GMT

If you find yourself without a can opener and desperately need to open a can, turns out all you need is a bit of concrete.

Two YouTube stars have gone viral after sharing a video titled “How to Open a Can without Can Opener - Zombie Survival Tips #20". It shows two men opening three cans of tuna using nothing but their hands and a piece of concrete.

The method requires no tools and minimal strength, just the patience to rub the can vigorously against a slab of concrete.

The video was published on YouTube two years ago but has recently resurfaced after being shared on social media sites.

So fear not, if you ever find yourself in the wilderness with nothing but a can of tuna, you'll know what to do.

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