10 ways to run your business more efficiently

Improve your company’s processes and make the most of your work with a little help from these organisations

Tuesday 20 September 2022 08:00 BST

From sourcing global talent to using the right payroll software, we’ve found 10 ways to give your business a boost.

Hire skilled students easily with the help of a new talent platform


If finding skilled employees for your business is a challenge, consider getting help from Unibeez. The company answers two major needs of employers: finding emerging talent and hiring them flexibly and efficiently. The marketplace offers access to an untapped talent pool of roughly three million UK students, while they’re still studying, connecting them with paid, flexible projects, internships, placements, degree apprenticeships and permanent roles. Businesses can access diverse skills on demand, testing, engaging and ultimately hiring emerging talent, with Unibeez’ AI and search functionality matching students to employers that are the perfect fit for them.

Find skilled talent at unibeez.com

Convert your trial subscribers into loyal customers


If you’re looking to enhance your subscription business and grow your revenue, Recurly could be the way to go. This subscriber growth engine aims to increase your customer lifetime value using methods such as decline management strategies to reduce involuntary subscriber churn to 1 per cent. It helps brands grow faster, with an easy-to-use platform that lets you react in real-time, allowing you to adapt quickly without draining your engineering resources. It also helps brands grow smarter, with data-driven insights that enable them to capture more business and advanced revenue optimisation. Benefit from an experienced partner who can help manage subscriptions at scale, and anticipate and solve problems before they pop up.

Book a demo with Recurly at recurly.com

Sell more by improving your campaigns and client approach


Sopro is a sales engagement platform, run by outreach experts. The fully managed outreach service sources ideal prospects for your business, engages them with personalised emails and connects them directly to you or your sales team. It uses multiple data sources to build a live audience of ideal customers, delivering up to 99 per cent of your emails while protecting your domain reputation. The bespoke email templates, proven sequences and advanced data insertions create highly personalised messages to help you connect with buyers, while a dedicated team of experts work to proactively improve your campaign. Each campaign is overseen by customer success, campaign operations and prospecting template writers with data scientists and compliance experts.

To learn more about Sopro, download the free report at sopro.io/business-guide or call 020 3988 3940

Automate your team’s processes with a workflow platform


Looking for a way to better organise your day-to-day tasks? Launched by B2B SaaS giant Zoho Corporation in 2021, Qntrl lets you design and implement work processes for your team to automate redundant manual work, improve visibility of everyday tasks and ensure process compliance from all members of your organisation. The workflow automation platform saves employees from countless hours spent on paperwork, spreadsheets and email threads, and lets the entire teamwork from a single source of truth (meaning every task is assigned and processed in one place). Qntrl’s low-code experience lets even non-technical team managers design and deploy processes from a simple interface, without having to rely on IT teams.

Learn more at qntrl.com

Find talent for your business anywhere in the world


Hiring processes can be very time-consuming, especially when international talent is involved. Mauve supports businesses to source and employ talent anywhere in the world. An Employer of Record — the legal employer of a worker in a certain country — takes on all the local employment and HR responsibilities, ensuring your prospective worker is compliant. They employ them, provide them with a local employment contract, payroll them in-country and ensure ongoing compliance with local labour legislation. From hiring the best developers in Estonia to helping your sales manager relocate to Canada, this service allows you to find the best talent for the job, or employ existing staff wherever they need to be, without spending money on extra resources.

For a free quote, visit mauvegroup.com/contact-us

Collaborate on tasks using a project management tool


Typical project management software is designed for managing internal projects, but when it comes to inviting external employees or clients, it’s not always successful. Project.co allows you to invite your team, freelancers and clients, and collaborate all together on any given task. Everyone you invite has access to the projects you add them to, being able to see exactly what’s going on at any time, chat, share files and work on projects together. Project.co has a set of tools that can be added as needed on each project, such as discussions, tasks, files, embeds, payments, time tracking, notes and more.

Get 50 per cent off your first three months with Project.co using the code OFFER5031 until 31 October 2022

Choose an easy-to-use CRM for your business


CRM software is key when it comes to keeping your business organised. Capsule is a smart, simple online CRM that helps businesses know more about their customers, build strong relationships and make the most of sales opportunities. Core features include contact management, project management, task management, sales pipeline, opportunity management and sales analytics. Email marketing is delivered via Capsule’s Transpond application, which provides an easy-to-use campaign and template builder, powerful automations, dynamic content and greater insight through its analytics suite. Capsule integrates with an ever-growing range of applications, including Outlook, Gmail, Xero and Mailchimp. There’s also a mobile app available on iOS and Android, so you can access it from anywhere.

Visit capsulecrm.com for a free 30-day trial of Capsule

Opt for a trusted payroll solution


When it comes to paying your employees, it’s important to invest in a reliable payroll service. A fully accredited and trusted partner of APSCo, Optimum provides business owners, recruitment agencies and contractors with up-to-date, powerful Umbrella, PAYE and CIS payroll software to fulfil their requirements, adhering to high standards of service, and responding efficiently to HMRC’s rulings. The registration process is quick and simple, involving no hidden costs, while the team takes care of everything payroll-related, always being on hand to ensure payments are processed accurately. At the same time, Optimum’s bespoke software platform allows users to see exactly how much they can save.

Find out more and contact the team at optimumpaygroup.com

Make use of the latest real estate tech


The real estate industry is constantly changing to keep up with digital advances in a post-pandemic landscape. If you’re a real estate agent, you can now improve the quality of your work using Giraffe 360, a tool that allows you to create virtual property tours, floor plans and HDR photography within minutes. Rooms are scanned, then uploaded to an AI processing server and edited to professional standards, before being returned to the user by email. The subscription service includes everything you’ll need to get started: camera, tripod, carry case, cloud storage, training material and a dedicated account manager.

Giraffe360 offers tailored packages to estate agents of any size. Book a demo of its camera at giraffe360.com

Get expert financial help for your business


If sorting out your business’s finances is a daily struggle, consider visiting unbiased.co.uk. The platform connects people to trusted, expert advice for free — there are 27,000 independent regulated financial advisers, accountants and bookkeepers to choose from, with the first meeting being free. Finding the right financial adviser or accountant can be key; expert help empowers you to take control of your business’s future, while freeing up more time for you to perform your normal day-to-day tasks in peace. Since its launch in 2009, Unbiased has helped more than 10 million customers.

Get started at unbiased.co.uk

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