Woman sparks debate by making husband sleep in guest room after refusing to clean up his vomit

‘How rude of him to treat you this way,’ says one critic

Brittany Miller
New York
Thursday 14 September 2023 22:35 BST
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A woman has asked whether or not she was in the wrong for making her husband sleep in their guest room after he refused to clean up his own vomit.

In a since-deleted post on the popular Reddit forum “Am I the A**hole”, the woman explained that she works a part-time job. Because she works only half the time, she handles more of the “domestic duties” while her husband works full-time. While she admitted that their dynamic didn’t bother her because they “have [their] own individual bank accounts, and he doesn’t pay for any of [her] bills or recreational purchases.”

The couple splits paying the household bills, with the husband paying 60 per cent and her paying 40 per cent.

One day, her husband had a barbecue at their house with his co-workers. The woman explained that she did all of the preparation for the party, including cooking and cleaning, so “he and his friends could enjoy their time together.” However, her husband ended up getting drunk and throwing up in their sink, but refused to clean it.

“His refusals included: ‘I don’t know what to do to clean it up,’ ‘I closed the drain on the sink, and now I can’t get it open,’ and ‘I don’t have time to clean it because I work early tomorrow,’” she wrote in the Reddit post.

She continued: “I was super upset after him feeding me excuses of why he can’t clean up his own vomit. He smelt horribly of liquor and was starting to raise his voice at me when he was explaining he couldn’t clean it because he ‘had to go to work to pay for all the things we want.’”

Because he was still intoxicated during their argument, the wife decided to make him sleep in the guest room which made her feel guilty. “I feel this makes me the a**hole because I didn’t allow my husband to sleep in his own bed,” she wrote.

Many people have since turned to the comments section to defend the wife’s decision. Others expressed that despite her husband working more, the housework should be split more evenly. “By your calculations, he should be taking on 40 per cent of the housework. He can start by cleaning up his own puke,” one person commented.

Another person agreed, writing: “Bruh even in a frat house people have to clean up their own puke.”

“If you split bills 60/40 then you should split chores 40/60. Regardless, you are NTA [not the a**hole]. He is acting like a helpless child. He sounds insufferable. Also, is the toilet super far from the sink? How drunk was he that he picked the sink? He needs to control his alcohol intake. Jeez. I’m annoyed for you,” another Reddit user commented.

Some commenters also pointed out that the situation would be different if her husband was sick. “Your husband is TA [the a**hole] here. You have every right to feel disrespected. You are asking him to clean up his own mess that he made because he overindulged in a night of drinking. You are not being unreasonable. It is not like he has the flu.”

“He isn’t a child, ill or disabled. He can clean up his own vomit. How rude of him to treat you this way,” another person agreed.

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