Husband ‘ruins’ dinner because of his wife’s typo: ‘The worst kind of control freak’

“He ruined dinner just to be petty,” a comment read

Brittany Miller
New York
Monday 14 August 2023 06:49 BST
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Louise Thomas

Louise Thomas


A woman has asked whether she was in the wrong after her husband accused her of “ruining dinner” over a spelling error.

The 25 year old, who goes by the username u/AsideFearless8220 on Reddit, posed the question to the subreddit AITA [Am I the a**hole], where she explained that she typically types fast on her phone, and that, as a result, her messages often have “spelling errors and grammar mistakes”.

“But, as this is a text, I don’t think it’s that important. I just need the person who I send a message to to understand what I mean,” she wrote.

However, according to the woman, she is aware that the errors “irritate” her husband, who has talked to her about it before. “For him, I usually double check my texts, but last night it slipped my mind,” she continued.

She goes on to say that their in-laws were coming over for dinner that night and she was going to make Thai green curry. The curry was completely prepared, but she didn’t have the last ingredient she needed to finish it, which was coconut milk. “I realised I didn’t have a tin at home, and I had made the curry before my husband was back, I just needed to add the coconut milk and reheat it for when my in-laws would come,” the Reddit post read.

So, she asked him to pick it up in addition to a list of some other needed items. “As I typed quickly, I had written ‘coconut mlik’ instead of coconut milk,” she explained.

When her husband got back, the one item she needed the most wasn’t there. “When he got home, I realised he had brought everything I put on the list, except the coconut milk,” the Reddit user wrote.

“I got annoyed when asked why he didn’t bring that, and he said he couldn’t understand what I meant and that next time I should check my spelling before sending a text.”

Her response to this was to tell her husband to figure out dinner on his own because the curry could not be served without the coconut milk. “He got us all takeout instead which he was upset about doing as he had a hard day at work and I was at home,” the woman wrote.

In the comments section, viewers were quick to defend the woman, with some revealing they couldn’t even find the typo she was talking about. “It actually took me like three slooow readings of your typo to see it, because human brains are wired to ignore typos that do not affect the meaning of the word,” one comment read. “He did a petty thing for a petty reason, wanted to ‘teach you a lesson’ most likely. And it backfired in the best possible way.”

“Your husband sounds like the worst kind of control freak. Is he your school teacher to treat you like a child in this way?” a second commenter agreed. “And if you haven’t had kids yet, think hard on what kind of father he would be to tear his kids down in the same way he does you over something as insignificant as a typing error in a text message.”

Another viewer suggested that, if her husband was actually confused about the typo, he could have texted her back or called her to get clarity.

“If he didn’t understand the list, he could have texted you back or called you to ask. He ruined dinner just to be petty, and you did your best,” the person wrote.

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