The Kennel Club creates playlist to help calm dogs ahead of Bonfire Night

Almost half of pet owners say their dog is scared of fireworks

Wednesday 02 November 2022 14:37 GMT
Dog behaviour expert reveals tips to keep pets safe on Bonfire Night

The Kennel Club (TKC) has created a playlist to help dogs get used to firework sounds ahead of Bonfire Night.

It comes after the organisation recorded a 34 per cent increase in the number of dogs who went missing during the first two weeks of November last year.

The end of October and beginning of November marks the celebrations of Diwali and Bonfire Night, both of which see widespread fireworks displays across the UK.

The playlist, titled “Firework Pet Training” is available on Spotify. It is more than an hour long and includes an array of fireworks sound effects which can be used to help dogs become accustomed to the songs.

Experts at TKC recommend owners start playing the sounds on a very low volume for a short amount of time and slowly build up the volume to avoid causing pets any distress.

“If your dog does start showing signs of distress, stop immediately,” experts added.

The organisation noted that there are multiple elements of fireworks which can trigger fear, including cracks, whistles, bangs, vibrations, flashing lights and strong smells in the air.

“Whilst playing these sounds may help most dogs, it is not the complete remedy,” the club added.

Of those surveyed by TKC, nearly half of dog owners said their pet fears fireworks. The most reported signs of distress include pacing (20 per cent), crying (20 per cent) and excessive panting (18 per cent).

The organisation has asked the government to review its legislation to only allow fireworks at licensed events.

Mark Beazley, chief executive at TKC commented: “Our statistics sadly show that there really are devastating and long-term consequences when fireworks strike dogs with a sense of terror unexpectantly, with thousands of dogs running away, behaving out of character and showing clear signs of fear and distress every year.

“Whilst we urge Government to consider our recommendations to protect dog welfare, we are also urging caution from owners this fireworks season.

“Each dog reacts differently and it is important that owners know what do to and how they can help their four-legged friend and keep them safe.”

Other actions pet owners can take to help calm their dog during Bonfire Night celebrations include making a “safe space” filled with their pet’s favourite toys and blankets.

You may also wish to distract your dog or drown out noise from outdoors by keeping the TV or radio switched on.

The playlist is available here.

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