Kourtney Kardashian clarifies she does allow her children to eat fries: ‘We’re a french fry-loving family’

The reality star insists her family goes to restuarants that serve fries

Kate Ng
Sunday 18 September 2022 12:37 BST
Kourtney Kardashian dips focaccia in cappuccino

Kourtney Kardashian has cleared the air after sparking a debate over her rules around fast food for her children, specifically, french fries.

The Poosh founder said her family are actually big fans of fries and make them at home or go to restaurants that serve them.

It comes after she was criticised for saying she wouldn’t allow her son to have McDonald’s fries even though he had not eaten them in a year.

In a new interview with US Vogue, Kardashian, 43, said: “We make French fries at home… We’re a french fry-loving family, to clear that up. We love french fries; we go to restaurants that have fries.”

She added that it was specifically McDonald’s fries that she wouldn’t allow her children to eat, because: “I love to avoid fast food when we can.”

The reality star hit back at the reports that she banned her children from eating fries and called them “annoying”.

“I was walking with Travis [Barker] today and I was like, ‘This is so annoying; this is why I don’t like doing interviews’. Other outlets then twist it and make it into something else.”

Last week, in an interview with WSJ Magazine, Kardashian shared: “Today I was having one-on-one time with my son and he said, ‘Mom, I need McDonald’s french fries today, please. It’s been a year since I’ve had it’. And I was like, ‘Today’s not the day, sorry’.”

Her comment was criticised by Twitter users, who thought her rules around fries were too strict.

But others defended The Kardashians star’s dietary choices for her children as healthy ones.

Kardashian has three children, 12-year-old Mason, nine-year-old Penelope, and seven-year-old Reign, who she shares with ex-partner Scott Disick.

Elsewhere in the US Vogue interview Kardashian addressed the backlash surrounding her new role as “sustainability ambassador“ at fast fashion retailer Boohoo, which was announced on Tuesday (6 September).

She revealed that she turned to Stephanie Shepherd , co-founder of climate awareness organisation Future Earth, to ask what environmental “concerns” there were around fast fashion.

“I came with a whole long email [to Boohoo] and I said, ‘Some of these questions might seem offensive, I’m not meaning to seem that way, but I really want to know these things’. We definitely, definitely did that,” she added.

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