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Kylie Jenner accuses Instacart driver of ‘lying’ after he claimed he heard her son crying at home

‘The lying for attention rubs me the wrong way,’ the reality TV star said on TikTok.

Amber Raiken
New York
Friday 08 July 2022 17:53 BST
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Kylie Jenner has accused an Instacart driver of “lying for attention” after he claimed that he heard a baby screaming when dropping an order off at her house.

On Thursday, The 24-year-old reality star shared a video to TikTok of herself making a sandwich. In a since-deleted comment on her video, which has been shared via Twitter, she seemingly addressed how Instacart delivery driver Pablo Tamayo dropped off her order and made a TikTok video about it.

Although Jenner didn’t mention Tamayo by name, she did mention some of the remarks he made about the delivery, Tamayo apparently claimed there’s “a river” by Jenner’s gate and that he “heard a baby scream” inside the home.

The Lip Kit mogul also accused the TikToker for “lying for attention” and that he lied about hearing her five-month old son crying on her property.

“No one comes through the gate! The river? No river. The lying for attention rubs me the wrong way, sorry,” she wrote.

“I did not order this myself. ! He WAS tipped through the app. Lie about seeing through my windows and hearing my son cry. ??”

She went on to tell her followers that if they didn’t know what she was “talking about,” then they should “just carry on”.

Jenner’s video and comments come one day after Tamayo claimed that he delivered a pack of pepperoni from Erewhon Market to The Kardashians star’s house.

In the caption of his TikTok video, he wrote: “I CANNOT MAKE THIS S*** UP…I just delivered to Kylie Jenner.”

While sitting in his car, Tamayo explained how he received an order in West Hollywood that cost $12. He noted that as he was driving to deliver it, he pulled up to the house and realised how “familiar” it looked before discovering that it was Jenner’s home.

“It’s literally a $12 order for f***ing pepperoni. This b**** could have paid me more,” he said. “It’s under the name of Ashton, so I’m guessing it’s for her assistant or something.”

He went on to explain how he had to “call and go through the gate” in order to give the food to someone, as opposed to leaving it outside of her door.

Tamayo then shared a clip of the outside of Jenner’s home before talking to someone by the gate and asking if he was actually at Jenner’s house.

He returned to his car to explain more about what happened.

“As all these Hollywood buses are coming by, he’s like, ‘oh come with me, just to bring it in there,’” Tamayo continued. “I literally walk with him, the gate is closing behind me. I’m walking through this little pathway with a river beneath it and then I get to the front door.”

He clarified that even though he didn’t get to go into Jenner’s house, he looked through her door and saw who was there.

Although he said that there there were multiple people there, he didn’t see Jenner or her children. However, the Instacart driver did claim that he “heard a baby scream.”

“I get to look into the whole house. I see all these assistants, all these maids and s***. I didn’t see Kylie, I didn’t see Stormi, but I swear I heard a baby scream,” he concluded.

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