Fans think they’ve discovered Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s secret wedding registry

‘All the butterflies and cactus decor is what sold it to me’

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Friday 22 July 2022 17:16 BST

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Fans are speculating that they’ve discovered Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s secret wedding registry, which is complete with extravagant items such as a $130,000 sterling silver “seafood centrepiece” and a $27,000 black crystal crocodile.

The wedding registry in question, which is listed on the luxury home decor company Scully and Scully’s website, was shared to the Reddit u/KUWTK subreddit last week by user u/toiletscum, who wrote: “Could this actually be Travis and Kylie’s wedding registry? I found it looking for someone else’s. Shows a December 2022 wedding.”

At the time, the registry was titled: “Mother Goose and Cactus Jack’s Registry (December 10 2022),” which many fans noted could refer to the couple, as Cactus Jack is the name of Scott’s record label and brand, while Jenner has been known to refer to herself as “mommy goose.” She refers to the couple’s four-year-old daughter Stormi as “baby goose”.

One Reddit user pointed out in the comments: “Who else would title their registry Mother Goose and Cactus Jack?! It’s gotta be them! Kylie’s almost billionaire status, she’s not registering at Crate & Barrel or Williams-Sonoma. This registry is as bougie rich as one can get!” Others noted that the url of the website also appeared to be a clue, as it is jackgoose1.

Shortly after the registry was shared to Reddit, however, the name was changed, with the title now instead reading: “?? ???? and ???? JACK’s registry” in addition to the December date of the anonymous couple’s nuptials.

According to Reddit users, the items listed on the over-the-top registry could also be clues it belongs to the celebrity couple. The wish list includes things like two $8,950 American Flag armchairs, a $24,000 credenza, and a number of crystal figurines, including a $390,000 crystal tropical peacock and a $321,000 black-and-silver crystal statue. The registry includes a $500,000 chandelier as well, and a $75,000 “sea life” chess set.

“The dead giveaway is the TICKET PRICE some of these knick-knacks come with, dayum! Who else would be able to afford these gifts but their friends and family? Secondly, who else would want a $2k ashtray,” one person commented.

People think extravagant wedding registry belongs to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Another said: “I need to believe this is Kylie’s registry because if it isn’t then I would have to accept that some random person is asking people to purchase a $37,000 crystal cactus as a wedding present and I just refuse to compute that.”

The registry also includes multiple butterfly figurines, which Kardashian-Jenner fans noted could also be another clue because Scott and Jenner have matching butterfly tattoos. Others suggested the cactus-themed items on the list increased the likelihood the registry was created by the rapper and the Kylie Cosmetics founder.

“All the butterflies and cactus decor is what sold it to me,” one person commented on the Reddit post, while another said: “The butterfly dish and the cactus statues?!”

Fans think butterflies on wedding registry are a clue it belongs to Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott

Cactus figurines are another clue registry belongs to couple, according to fans

Butterfly and cactus figurines convince fans registry belongs to couple

“This is def them. The registry includes butterfly themed things too. And who else other than a celebrity would have $100K+ things on a registry?!” someone else noted.

Fans think they have found Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s wedding registry

While many fans were convinced the registry belongs to Jenner and Scott, others were simply shocked by the items picked by the mystery couple.

“This is the ugliest s**t I’ve ever seen. It’s true money can’t buy taste. How many crystal sculptures does one home need??” one person asked, while another user questioned: “Why are there so many monkey items?”

Fans think luxury items are a clue registry belongs to celebrity couple

Registry includes a number of crystal figurines

It’s not been confirmed whether the registry belongs to The Kardashians star and the rapper, but its discovery comes after fans speculated that the pair may be engaged following posts from an Instagram account claiming to belong to Kourtney Kardashian’s son Mason.

In the since-deleted posts, the anonymous Instagram user alleged “Kylie is getting married and she is currently on her bridal party. That’s why she’s the only one wearing white !!!” The post was referencing a TikTok video shared to both Kylie and Kim Kardashian’s accounts earlier this week.

Kardashian later denied the account belonged to her son, writing on Twitter: “Hello everyone, hope it is a beautiful Thursday. After months and months of thinking you would all know that is NOT Mason on these fake accounts, some of you don’t. So I will spell it out clearly: that is NOT Mason on these fake social media accounts talking about our family.”

Scott and Jenner have been dating since 2017. In addition to their daughter Stormi, the couple are also parents to a son, who was born in February of this year and whose name has not yet been revealed.

The Independent has contacted representatives for Jenner and Scott for comment.

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