Soap Guide: w/c Saturday, April 29

Our guide to all the soap action, week commencing Saturday, April 29

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Friday 21 April 2023 14:45 BST

One Coronation and a ChristeningEastEnders (BBC1)Albie’s christening turns out to be memorable when proud dad Keanu leaves midway through the ceremony to find out why the alarm on his van is going off – and finds the police waiting to arrest him over all the drugs inside it.Karen and Sharon insist it must be a mistake, but Ravi knows that Keanu has messed up his delivery job – and he’s not happy. So, Ravi takes his revenge, which lands Keanu in hospital, but when the cops then turn up at Walford East, are the Panesars also in trouble?Meanwhile, coronation fever grips the Square. Linda would normally be at the heart of it, but without Mick, she doesn’t think she can face a party. Can Alfie and Billy get her on board?Reiss needs no encouraging to plan a bash for Charles III – the only problem is Sonia wrongly assumed he was planning her birthday celebrations.Billy and Ben try to give Jay more time to spend with Lola, and Kim advises Denise to take control of the Jack situation.

Wealth not HealthCoronation Street (ITV1)Dee-Dee tries to make Paul face up to his MND diagnosis by arranging a meeting with a woman who lost her husband to the condition. Despite hearing what the future holds, he still refuses to tell Billy and his family what’s going on.Instead, he continues to try to raise money by stealing another car for Damon. Dee-Dee discovers what he’s up to, but fails to stop him. He then hits on the idea of blackmailing Damon into giving him even more cash, a move that could spell disaster for them both.Meanwhile, Damon makes Sarah squirm by getting closer to Adam, who warns the villain that the bistro’s late licence application could be scuppered by the locals.Tim takes desperate measures to prevent Elaine jetting off to Las Vegas to marry Stephen. He manages to temporarily derail their plans, risking driving a permanent wedge between himself and his mother in the process.

Heartbreak for Mack?Emmerdale (ITV1)Mack is stunned when Chloe reveals she’s taking little Reuben to Scotland, but rather than fight for his son, he says an emotional farewell.However, the next day Chloe worries that Reuben is running a temperature and takes him to see Dr Liam, who advises her to take the baby straight to A&E. When news reaches the village that Reuben has suspected bacterial meningitis, it brings back painful memories for Chas and Paddy, but how will Mack react?Mary is excited about her trip to Ecuador, especially after receiving Rhona’s blessing. However, Suzy starts to suspect that Faye isn’t who she claims to be after she’s cagey about a bank transfer for the auction fund. After initially refusing to listen, Mary questions Faye about her finances and is shocked when her lover’s true colours emerge.Belle is enjoying getting reacquainted with Tom, but suggests he should also let Jimmy know he’s back, and Cathy tells Bob he’s doing the right thing by letting her go.

Not So Grace-ious BehaviourHollyoaks (Channel 4)When Tony fails to make their case to the bank manager, Zara and Grace stage a protest at the site of the market. However, Hilton gives Cindy another idea for how she can save her business – robbing a bank.When Grace proves less than enthusiastic, Cindy suggests her bad girl image is all a front. Sadly, Grace’s attempts to prove she hasn’t lost her edge just land her and Zara in trouble with the police.Shing Lin also considers turning to theft to help Charlie pass a maths test, while Vicky fears she’s so behind with her studies, she might as well drop out of school.Peri blames herself when Juliet is hospitalised, and Maxine encourages Mason to give a talk at school about how to spot the signs that someone is being radicalised. He then tries to repay the favour by asking her if she’s sure she wants to see Eric behind bars.Meanwhile, Sienna is keen to go back to work for Ste, but Leela warns him that the business can’t afford another salary.

Who’s the Daddy?Home and Away (Channel 5)Bree continues to put on a brave face for the world, but it’s clear something isn’t right. Remi tries to give her space by throwing himself into playing with the band, little realising the reason she’s keeping him at arm’s length – she’s pregnant and doesn’t know whether Remi or Jacob is the father.Ashamed at having slept with her abusive husband, Bree decides the only way forward is to cut Remi out of her life altogether.Ziggy suggests that she, Dean and baby Izzy should move to Queensland so that he can maintain his relationship with Jai. Dean is thrilled by the idea – but then decides he can’t possibly leave Mackenzie while she’s dealing with Gabe’s terminal illness. However, Mali has a cunning plan that could save the day.Ava continues to wrap Justin around her little finger, and Leah is unhappy that the teenager’s behaviour is forcing Theo out of his own home.

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