Lizzo says she was kicked out of vacation rental three days early: 'You can’t stop this black girl's shine'

Singer says owner threatened to call police on her and her friends 

Chelsea Ritschel
New York
Tuesday 07 July 2020 16:08
Lizzo shares message for man who kicked them out of their vacation rental early

Lizzo has shared a message for a vacation landlord she claims kicked her and her friends out of his home three days early.

On Sunday, the 32-year-old singer shared a video of her twerking in a red bathing suit to Instagram with the caption: “This is for the man that kicked me out of my seven-day rental three days early yesterday. This is for mocking the way that I dance and for using Instagram footage of me and my six black home girls to say that we could ‘hurt him’ and threaten to call the police.

“I know you’re watching my page so I just want you to know you can’t stop this black girl's shine.”

The Grammy award-winner concluded the caption thanking the landlord for “kicking us out” because she and her friends found a better rental as a result.

“Thanks for kicking us out cus this house is better anyways. Xoxo,” the Good As Hell singer wrote.

In the clip, Lizzo, who did not say where she is vacationing, can be seen dancing next to an infinity pool in front of a mountainous backdrop.

In the comments, people applauded the singer for defending herself and for speaking up about the "discrimination" she experienced.

“I’d have thought you staying in a particular rental would make it a much much more enticing property and increase its rental potential, you were doing him a favour!” model Stefania Ferrario wrote. “He needs to get with the times.”

Another person said: “Wow, he had a problem with your bold blackness. Yeah, F his house.”

Earlier in the week, the singer said that she and her friends had all tested negative for coronavirus before travelling to the vacation home together.

“Just a group of melanated girls soaking up the sun,” the Truth Hurts singer captioned a clip of her friends posing in the sun. “No rhyme or reason. (We all took the responsibility to get Covid tests and luckily we’re all negative. Please be safe and wear your masks).”

Lizzo’s experience comes after she opened up about the Black Lives Matter movement and the racism “in the veins of this country” in May, explaining during an Instagram Live: “It's not that hard to see. The people that don't see it don't want to see it. I don't have sympathy for people who don't see it anymore. Black people are tired. We are so tired."

The artist also reflected on the power that comes with having her platform, recalling how she used to look at incidents such as the killing of George Floyd and wonder why famous people weren’t speaking out.

“I remember every time these things happened ... I would look to these famous people and say: 'Where are your voices? Why aren't you speaking up for us?' I have to realise that responsibility as well. It would be irresponsible of me to not reflect the times, irresponsible to not tell the truth."