Soap Guide: w/c Saturday, May 27

Our guide to all the soap action, w/c Saturday, May 27

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Friday 19 May 2023 14:45 BST

Last GoodbyesEastEnders (BBC1)The Mitchells realise that Lola is nearing the end, but will all her loved ones be there at her bedside when the time comes?Billy is so overcome with emotion that when Nish winds him up, he responds by putting a brick through the Minute Mart window. Jack tries to calm the situation, but when Billy accidentally hits him, he has no choice but to make an arrest. Can Honey get Billy out of the police station and back home?Meanwhile, Callum and Kathy fear that Ben won’t make it back from America in time, and the reality of saying their last goodbyes takes its toll on Jay and Phil.Over at the Vic, Elaine’s fiancé George Knight arrives to help run the pub – which is news to a furious Linda. Jack, Phil and Winston recognise the newcomer as a former champion boxer, but it’s George’s daughters, Anna and Gina, who catch Bobby’s eye.Kim feels overwhelmed by an encounter with one of her followers, and when she subsequently collapses, Sonia advises her to go to A&E.

Return of the MackEmmerdale (ITV1)After all those months of lying about being the father, Mack is now ready to commit to Reuben – and Chloe is so moved by this, she goes in for a kiss.Mack rejects her advances, and later grows closer to Charity after she reluctantly agrees to let him spend time with Moses.However, Amy is worried that Chloe won’t let one knockback stop her pursuing Mack again…Elsewhere, Belle talks to Tom about her struggles with her mental health and is encouraged when he reacts by kissing her. Jimmy also feels like he’s building a bond with his nephew when Tom agrees to a fresh start without the shadow of Carl hanging over them.The day of the stag and hen do arrives but a stressed Nicky is also making plans with Ally, while Liam is upset when Wendy won’t resume their writing partnership.Manpreet grows suspicious of Claudette’s back pain, and Amelia sees a way to solve the Spencers’ financial problems when Victoria admits she regrets agreeing to help promote The Hide online.

Reasons to Be CheerfulCoronation Street (ITV1)Gemma is thrilled when Billy finally persuades Paul to attend her and Chesney’s wedding. Her brother even manages to walk her down the aisle, and after getting emotional during his speech, he decides to grab happiness wherever he can. He and Billy also find out whether he’s suitable for a specific MND treatment before heading off for a much-needed holiday in the church mini-bus.The day of Justin’s trial also arrives. Both Daisy and Ryan are overcome by nerves and consider not testifying in court, particularly after some meddling from their attacker’s sister. Eventually, they go through with it, but it’s Justin’s own testimony that will really grab the attention.A worried Roy prepares for his operation by asking Evelyn to hand out letters to his loved ones if he doesn’t pull through. However, in typical fashion, she can’t wait to open hers, which contains a pleasant surprise.

The Only Way is Up?Hollyoaks (Channel 4)Yazz is left feeling deflated after attending the school’s careers day, where she discovers she’s expected to give a talk on being a receptionist rather than a journalist.Tom tries to give her a boost by arranging for an interview for a postgraduate course, only for his wife to reveal that she’s pregnant. He promises to support her whatever she decides, but when Yazz starts doing online research, he can’t help wondering if she’s looking for reasons not to have the baby.There’s also a pregnancy drama for Zoe when Sam spots her with a test and hopes that it could bring them back together.Sienna learns that Lord Rafe stands to inherit £35 million, but only on the condition that he’s married, which gives Ethan a money-making idea.Cindy gives Zara and Grace yet more reason to doubt her criminal-mastermind credentials when her plan to save Luke’s phone box ends in the trio accidentally stealing a portable toilet, and Imran considers delaying his move to London so he can support Juliet.

Making a StandHome and Away (C5)Justin’s court case gets underway, with hopes of an acquittal resting on Theo’s shoulders. Unfortunately, his testimony is torn apart by the ruthless prosecutor, leaving Justin with only one option – to enter the witness stand himself.His lawyer advises him against it, concerned that Justin’s short temper will only make matters worse. Alf does, however, hope he can help by providing a character reference. But will it be enough to keep the mechanic out of jail?Cash feels uneasy about Remi and Eden’s closeness, so Eden tries to set some boundaries between herself and her best friend. Remi may be distracted anyway by Bree, who worries her intimacy issues will drive him away.Marilyn’s efforts to go halves with John on the cost of Jett’s wedding takes a knock, but she hopes selling her beauty products at the Diner will help. Mali and Rose can’t mend their relationship, and Xander struggles to recover from his ordeal.

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